Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dundee Taxi Driver Attack Caught On Video.

Police are investigating after a video of a woman and a taxi driver apparently fighting in Dundee was uploaded online. 
In the clip, which appeared on YouTube, a woman in a black top can clearly be heard shouting and gesturing at a man in the driver’s seat. 

About 25 seconds in, she can be seen leaning into the cab and appears to wrestle the man, setting off the cab’s horn twice. 
The pair continue to struggle in the cab seat for almost a minute before the woman walks away. 
In the background there is traffic chaos as cars are forced to drive round the vehicle, which is pulled over across one side of the road facing oncoming traffic. 
The incident took place on South Road and was reported to police. 
The video description reads: “This is after about 10 minutes of arguing, she stopped the cab and opened the driver’s door, leaving the cab half on a busy road.”
A police spokeswoman said officers were making inquiries into an incident between a taxi driver and a woman.
“Anyone who has information that could assist with inquiries is asked to contact Police Scotland on 101.”
The taxi driver is in a cab that has “Premier” written on the back, but when the Tele contacted Premier Taxis, they declined to comment.
Graeme Stephen, chairman of the Dundee Taxi Association, said: “I don’t know what happened in this case, but in general safety is a concern for taxi drivers. 
“You’re picking up lots of people — sometimes groups of them — and you’re on your own. 
“You don’t know if they’ve taken alcohol or drugs, or whether they’ve just argued with their partner. 
“A whole host of things could have upset them and the taxi driver gets the brunt of it. 
“I find that it’s helpful to have CCTV in the taxi. 
“Lots of taxis in Dundee have it, I’ve had it for six and a half years and it’s very good. 
“The system is set up by the council and the police and they are the only ones who can play back the footage.”

    Source: The Evening Telegraph.

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