Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Boris Wants To Launch World’s First Ultra-Low Emission Zone

Yesterday, the Mayor launched a public consultation into the ULEZ which he claims will half emissions in the capital by 2020

Now watch Dave Davies from Cabbies Against Boris, interveiw on London Live

Dave Davies tells London Live about Boris's record so far:

In the six and a half years he's been in office, Boris introduced the low emission zone and the Taxi Age limit. Neither were evidence based and as a direct result of the failure of these policies, there's been no reduction in emissions. Curently in London, over 80 people die each week from pollution related illnesses.

Looking forward to the Ultra Low Emission Zone, Dave predicts it will be exactly the same unless the process, the decisions of the Mayor and TfL are evidence based. He said the only way this will happen, is if there is a public inquiry into the failure of these policies and what can be done to address this.

He went on to say there are things that could be done immediately that aren't being done. In Sweden they use a clean diesel that reduced pollution by 30% in all diesel vehicles instantly, why hasn't this been adopted here?

Boris seems to be accountable to no one and there needs to be some accountability before decisions are made.

This is a must watch interview as Dave Davies is the first person to actually speak up for the trade that makes any sense on this issue.


Gerald Coba said...

When the LTDA consulted with the mayor over the 15 year age limit, they could of had Dave Davies as an expert witness. Instead they chose Malcolm Pace, Peter DeCosta, Brian Rice and Geoff Reisel and someone from LTI whose name escapes me, as their expert witnesses.
See the connection here....all financially interested. Not one independent expert.

The LTDA have a strong conflict of interest having Bob Oddy on the board of TfL. While he has a seat, they will not go up against Boris or Hendy, as we have seen recently with the dumbbell demo and the dumbing down and scrapping of the follow up demo....didn't want to upset TfL too much.

The LCDC are now making noises but it's all a bit after the fact. Under their current chairman and secretary, the club colluded and collaborated with the LTDA and were also instramentle in selling out their members to stay in the UTG. Now we have their rep calling an LTDA council of management member a C##T on Twitter. Totally unacceptable behaviour from a trade rep.

If these so called leaders had any honour or dignity, they along with Oddy and McNamara would resign. The trade could only benefit from this.

Anonymous said...

The reason the follow up demo was "dumbed down" was because the RMT and UCG got too much media coverage. LTDA decided to have an on foot protest at City Hall, what a joke that was. They kept this quiet incase any one turned up and made a noise. Don't think they told the club just incase they were there and splashed it over the front page if the badge. The LTDA membership must wake up soon.

Anonymous said...

As far as im concerned most of these so called knobs dont represent me or any other yb's. Boris just keeps muggin em off.