Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Assembly Member Darren Johnson Shows Support For Taxi Trades Concern Over Uber Advert.

After receiving TfL's reply from Vernon Everitt, Taxi Leaks editor Jim Thomas, in conjunction with the RMT London Taxi Branch Press Officer, contacted assembly member Darren Johnson over the Uber advert on TfL's website. 

Darren understands our concerns and has tabled a formal question to the mayor over the advert, in light of current outstanding legal matters.

We received this email earlier today.

Dear Xxxx
Many thanks for copying me in. I completely understand your concerns and have tabled a formal question for the Mayor of London as follows:
Given legal questions surrounding Uber’s operation in Greater London are still awaiting clarification, is it appropriate for the company to be advertising on the TfL website?
I will let you have a response as soon as it is received.
Darren Johnson AM 
Green Party Member 
London Assembly 

Darren also posted this on Twitter a short while ago



They work for YOU said...

Other issues aside at least he is taking an interest, is your GLA member doing likewise?

8 said...

smerky boris,will only dodge the question with another question like he always does,he`s known to be a liar,so whats changed