Friday, October 31, 2014

Anti Piracy Campaigner Branson Sinks Small Fortune Into Pirate Car Ride Share Jim Thomas

After seeing the failure of his North America investment in Hailo and still wanting to be involved in the people transportation business, Sir Richard Branson, has invested a small fortune in a San Francisco based ride-sharing service "Sidecar". 

Sidecar has announced the $15m funding injection will help them roll-out of the service nationwide. The ride share service allegedly allows users of a smartphone application to share car journeys.

Technology website ZDNet has reported Branson as saying: 
“Technology has turned transportation on its head, it’s fundamentally changing the way we get around. We don’t need to own cars; services like Sidecar can get us around town. Sidecar is developing an everyday travel solution that sits side-by-side with public transit.”

While Branson has been seen to be a massive anti-piracy campaigner in the music business, most people in the Taxi industry would consider sidecar to be no more than a pirate car service. 


Anonymous said...

beware the smiling Man

Anonymous said...

Once a pirate, always a pirate,
That's why they call him Captain Morgan

Anonymous said...

Brandon's record on investment not going well
Hailo America failed
Space taxi crashed out

Doesn't luck run in threes!