Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What Planet Are a These People On...by Transport Correspondent, Glen Alutto.

Green campaigners have renewed calls for a 20mph speed limit on Holloway Road. 

“It would reduce road danger, air pollution, noise and it would feel more like a place for people than a place for cars.”

“It would help make the borough a less traffic dominated place.”


The reason people use the Holloway Road is because they've been forced to, aside from the fact it's the A1, EVERY side road in the borough has got speed humps on. 

Seriously, what planet are these people living on?

Reduce pollution?

Why are these people not pressuring the Mayor to subsidise the conversion of of London's Taxis Diesel engines to LPG like what's already happened in Birmingham?

Are these green campaigners all froth and no coffee?

There's not a car on the road designed to be driven at 20mph!

The only people who stick to rest of the borough's 20mph speed limit are pedestrians. 

Give me strength. 

Uber Driver following his Sat-Nav.
Illegal right turn out of Brown Hart Gardens into Duke Street W1, into oncoming traffic.

   Photo courtesy of Zola.

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Anonymous said...

They're on planet ruralise London.

All outsiders, none born & bred here.

Trying to turn a capital city into country village!!