Friday, September 19, 2014

Visa To Stop Processing Credit Cards, Over Smart Phone Apps From End Of September: Chip And Pin Only.

Taxi Leaks has received unconfirmed reports, that from the end of September, Hailo will no longer be processing passenger credit cards, over the phone through their app.

We have been told, if a driver wants to clear a CC using the Hailo app, then he has to get the passenger to sign up with their Card details and open an account with Hailo on the journey.

We've also been informed, this is not policy from Hailo but it is in fact Visa who are refusing to process payments made without chip and pin security.

It's been alleged that the growing amount of fraudulent transactions made by Uber drivers, is the main reason behind Visa's decision.

Currently, TfL refuse to deal with complaints against minicab drivers in the same way they deal with taxi drivers. Complaints made against PH drivers are sent directly to the Operator to deal with. 

Uber's terms and conditions state that they are not responsible in any respect for transactions made between passenger and driver and any complaint must be taken up with the driver.

Again more proof that TfL are incompetently unfit to be a licensing authority. 

Victims of Uber driver fraud have been left with no other alternative but to complain en masse to Visa and other card services. It is believed that othe card suppliers will follow this line.

We now wait for a press release from trade companies who currently allow credit card clearing over their smart phone apps.
More news as and when it comes in.

This taken from an Irish Taxi forum
posted August 15, 2014:

This is a bit of a disaster.

I assume Cab:app aren't being similarly sanctioned by Visa?

Fast Pay is Going - but 'Pay-with-Hailo' is coming shortly - and Chip and Pin

Due to legal action from VISA and other credit card companies, we unfortunately have to retire the fast-pay feature of the app at the end of August. Fast Pay will continue to work on the brand new driver app until the 27th of August.

VISA have deemed these street-card transactions as high-risk and are no longer willing to offer a processing service using this method.

We understand this was a hugely useful feature for many drivers - so we are delighted to announce a brand new innovative feature that we call 'Pay-with-Hailo'. We will be sending more information about Pay-with-Hailo next week but in summary:

Pay-with-Hailo will allow customers who wish to pay for a journey on their card to 'check-in' to a Hailo taxi and pay using the card on their Hailo account. This will be extremely useful for regular customers and new customers alike.

Drivers will pay zero commission on 'Pay-with-Hailo' jobs.

In addition to this, Hailo has secured a highly competitive rate for our drivers for chip-and-pin devices. We'll announce more details shortly on this but if you are interested in purchasing one - please register your interest here.


Anonymous said...

Don't trust this mob

CabApo are not sanctioned .

Looks like Hailo trying to increase its customer data base.

Anonymous said...

Cab:App have said they are unaware of any changes and will continue to process card payments.

A statement will be made should the situation change.