Saturday, September 13, 2014

Uber, Top In Arrogance, As RMT Get Set For Brussels Taxi Conference.

The UBER app was banned in Germany last week. But UBER doesn't seem to be that bothered.

On Thursday 3 September UBER Belgium announced that their journeys in Brussels will become cheaper. But is that in everyone’s interest?
Away with the law!
In dozens of cities worldwide UBER was faced with court cases because it does not comply with the legislation on taxi services. The UBER app was banned in Germany last week. And UBER doesn’t care. 

The same in Brussels. Although UBER currently proposes to run its services in Brussels, it profiles itself as a ‘car sharing’ company. With the sole purpose to avoid the law. Because there is strict regulation for taxi and orivate hire companies UBER plays on the public sympathy as the “underdog” who is punished because innovation frightens. 

Despite the decision of the Brussels Trade Tribunal, UBER goes further now, by announcing they will lower the prices.

Innovation yes, UBER no:
Are we against the use of computer technology in the taxi and private hire sector? 
Of course not! 
There are many taxi and private hire companies that work with apps, where you can order a taxi or car online. So that’s not the point.

Its the drivers of established taxi and private hire companies who are the real victims. The UBER driver does it for additional income, without any expertise and training, which compromises safety. 
Plus there is confusion in many countries over whether the car of the ‘driver with an (illegal) secondary occupation’ is insured? 
Because UBER refuses any liability in case of accidents.

The regular taxi sector is hit the hardest, with the job of real taxi drivers under threat.

Brussels Taxi Bureau (BTB) takes international initiative!
At the initiative of BTB, the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) has organised a conference about initiatives like UBER on 15 and 16 September in Brussels.

Participants from all over the world (United States, India and many European countries) will be present.

Frank Moreels: “In dozens of countries UBER violates the law on taxi services. At the conference the global unions will exchange their experiences and develop strategies to provide a sufficient answer to UBER.”

Editorial Comment:

The RMT have put forward plans to attend the Brussels conference with an announcement to its Taxi trade members nationwide by acting General Secretary Mick Cash.
Will you be represented by your trade org?

Below is the post from the RMT website.


Dear Colleague,


ITF will be holding a special taxi workers meeting on 15-16 September 2014 in Brussels, hosted by the Belgian affiliate, BTB. The main focus is to discuss “Uber Taxis” and identify the ITF response. “Uber Taxis” along with some other firms are increasing their market share in many countries using mobile phone apps and have often come into conflict with the existing regulation.

All branches with taxi driver members are invited to submit the name(s) of taxi members representatives interested in attending this meeting by Monday 1st September 2014. This matter will then be placed before the September Statutory meeting of the Council of Executives.

Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash
Acting General Secretary.

Nice to know some one is on the ball and looking after our interests!


Veritas said...

We need to remember that Über and it's background sponsors Goldman Sachs and Google can throw more at PR than the budget of the LTDA let alone lawyers.

They can throw more money on paper clips than the budget of people like the LCDC.

The message is clear when there's a big battle you need to come together not just locally and nationally but internationally!

Mr Cash at the RMT and others here and abroad realise this and so should we.

If we don't act together we must as well not act at all!

Anonymous said...

Therefore Veritas, may we ask, what is your strategy ?

The voice of reason said...

Back in 2008 John Kennedy started up a PR company (LTCPR) for Taxi drivers.

It only attracted about the same membership as Unite. But in the short time the group was active, as chairman, John came up with three objectives.

1. Reinstate the taxi board, but without interference from manufacturers, radio circuits of anyone connected to private hire.
2. A system of online voting on consultations by ordinary drivers, with one badge, one vote at the heart of the system.
3. Taxi board to be funded directly from the licence fee which would mean that the board would represent all drivers.

Although some may have recently come forward claiming to be the messiah of the trade, spouting these ideas as their own, John had them first years ago.

The present incumbents have done sweet FA for the trade and after years of collaboration with TfL, we are in the most desperate danger, this trade has ever faced

We need a leader

We need an indipendent leader, one without blood on his hands.

We need a leader who has never sold out to PH or TfL.

I think the trade should approach John "The Cabby Kennedy" to come back from his self imposed exile and front the formation of a new taxi board.

His knowledge of PR, Local Radio, political contacts would prove to be invaluable to any new firm of taxi board.

The board should be our only contact with TfLTPH and negotiate totally on our behalf with all drivers being able to vote on issues either on line or by simple text. (All johns original idea) as John said one badge, one vote.

The taxi board would be made up from one member from each trade orgs/union, plus an equal number of candidates from the trade who do not belong to any trade org or union. Each member would stand for a designed period and would have to stand for election.

Elections would be overseen by the electoral collage and should be funded direct from the licence fee. (Again John's Idea)

The trade must shed the collaborators of the past who once sold out for inclusion.
They did it before, they would do it again at the drop of a hat.

Our largest group has been bought with a seat on the board of TfL plus the promise of future replacement to Oddy when he retires. That's why McNamara will never go far enough against TfL.

John, if your reading this, now is the time.
Cometh the hour, cometh the man

Veritas said...

Anon 2.31

Simple mon brave,

International days of action causing disruption not to tourist and leisure traveller but the business traveller of the multi national.

A PR offensive informing the public of the dangers they face.

As voice as reason states the time has come for us to have an overarching body for the cab trade.

It will be difficult for the 'standdown fusiliers' to accept but accept they must otherwise we will be picked off like grouse on the glorious twelfth.

Bang, Bang!

Hand Shandy..... said...

Nice one Veritas, so name a warrior that can lead the trade to the promissed land?

V said...

Hand Shandy,

Here's a list of candidates whose job it is to chair the taxi board. I have not suggested that this person LEADS the trade.

Geoff Reisel
John Kennedy
Jim Rainbird
Dave Allen
Eddy Symes

Anonymous said...

How about one of these high achievers:

Mick Bailey
Peter Rose
Grant Davis
Forrest Gump

Anonymous said...

Hello "The voice of reason", sadly JK left the cab trade a while back, and is working on his book " The demise of exellence".