Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Steve McNamara Speaks With Deputy Mayor Victoria Borwick About TfL,Totally Failing London's Taxi Trade.

LTDA Deputy General Secretary Steve McNamara, spoke with Deputy Mayor Victoria Borwick, about TfL's Handling of Taxi Licensing in London. 

The Deputy Mayor said that London's black cabs are the best in the world, iconic with access to all. 

The GLA want to hear from Taxi drivers and passengers, to find out what they want for London's Taxi service in the future.

Steve McNamara claims London Taxis are the best in the world not because of TfL, but despite TfL.

Steve also Spoke about TfL's handling of the Uber situation with Garret Emerson, on ITV London News last night. 


Gilbert said...

Why moan about TfL Steve?

Your deputy is on the board that controls them and had said nothing either at TfL board meetings or anywhere else!

Looks like he is being paid by the members to protect them and also being paid by TfL that is actively acting against our interests.


Editorial said...

It's great to see the LTDA finally mobilising and becoming more vocal in the media.

But why have we had to wait so long for and sign of action?

Why didn't they back the rank and file drivers during the Olympic protests?

Why did they, along with the other UTG leaders, sign the mayors age limit that was unlawful and improper with no scientific evidence, backing up any of the mayors claims?

Why do the UTG still exclude others from meaningful engagement and access to the Joint Ranks committee?

Will this mark a new era in trade representation where it's org leaders start listening to its members?

Does the past matter?

Should we draw a line and move on now?

Or is it just too late?

Anonymous said...

Where do you write to the GLA? We all should write to them .

Anonymous said...

Why dig up the Olympics it's history now.
Start looking forward and get behind them

Editorial said...

Anon 10:26

Please send written submissions to the Transport Committee, London Assembly, City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA, or email:


Anonymous said...

TFL are trying to defend there dreadful decision to licence UBER and save face. In my opinion Garret (TFL) needs to get his head out of the sand take his medicine from the Mayor of London and pray he still has a job.

Thought the LTDA guy (Steve) spoke very clearly on the subject without ducking the Questions put to him unlike the 'go round the houses' TFL gentlemen.

We need proper governing in London not complacency with the publics welfare

Gerald Coba. said...

Anonymous 10/50 The Olympics should be bought up because that was when the concept of the engagement policy which is still dividing the trade, was first put into action.

Authored by Oddy (accusation supported by a statement made by John Mason), the engagement policy was solely designed to keep from the negotiation table, those groups who were militantly opposed to collaboration with TfL and the disastrous treatment towards the taxi trade in regards to venue taxi ranks and inclusion of games lanes.

The carrot dangled in front of the UTG was of course the cabbies cabinet. Now that th cabinet carpet has been pulled from under their feet, Oddy, Davis and Rose want to start barking.

But don't forget as Oddy on TfL board, UTG are not waging their own tail.

I'm Spartacus said...

Gerald spot on.

Remember the UTG stood by when anti terrorism legislation (yes, anti terrorism) legislation was used against cab drivers including their own memberships unhappy about the complete betrayal by TfL over the Olympic Lanes.

Still it's understood that Steve McNamara has no issue talking to other groups and has indeed done so that makes whatever the rest of the UTG's views or opinions irrelevant as they have no independent position on current issues or the clout to change anything.

It's also worth remembering that without the agitation and representation of both the RMT and UCG then no enquiry by anyone would have happened so they certainly deserve credit for that.

Others were too busy putting their arm around Directors of LTPH and the Mayor, rewarded by TfL putting their hands round our throats!

We all watch and wait.

Anonymous said...

Come on LTDA

"Print the Reciept Pads"