Saturday, September 27, 2014

TfL to hold public consultation on mandatory acceptance of credit and debit cards by Taxi Jim Thomas

TfL have announced they are to hold a public consultation for the mandatory use of credit and debit cards for Taxi journey payments.

Londoners will be asked for their views on wether all Taxi drivers should be forced to accept card payments.
Many drivers already accept cards, but there are those who choose only to accept cash.

In July, TfL unveiled proposals to make card acceptance mandatory. This is a measure they say will benefits both passengers and drivers (in their opinion, that is).

But, under TfL’s plans, the payment surcharge currently reclaimable from the passenger, would be axed. 

In TfL's magical mystery world, they insist the average cost of any card transaction would be included in the metered fare. This would see passengers paying the same amount regardless of which method of payment they choose. To achieve this the metered fare would have to rise by approximately 6%. Unfortunately, back  in the real world, drivers have been told to expect a fare rise of, about 1%.

Within the next few years, Taxi drivers will be expected to invest huge sums of money in new technology to repair the damage Mayor Boris Johnson has done to the air quality in Central London. This new initiative from TfL equates to no more than a pay cut.

The board of TfL have approved a request to hold a public consultation. After an in house poll, it's been suggested that 90% of Taxi users would support the proposal. 
Again Taxi drivers opinions have not been sort.

So to recap, we as individual small businesses, are not being asked, but forced to give people free credit and absorb the processing costs out of our end.

A spokesperson for TfL said the consultation would likely take place next year.

The largest representative group from the Taxi trade, the LTDA, have said in a statement on their Twitter account, they are totally opposed to drivers being forced to take card payments.  

Obviously the scrappage of payment surcharges doesn't affect Private Hire, who will just whack it on the back of their fixed fares regardless of card of cash. 


Anonymous said...

Banner headlines in The Badge and Taxi to the effect of 'over our dead bodies', followed by photo opportunity with TfL.

Remember these people have agreed to below inflation fare rises meaning a pay cut for the working cab driver, best not mention the Olympics and their heroic efforts on our behalf.

Veritas said...

Can't help but notice the LTDA spokesmen NEVER criticise Boris, Why?

He is chair of the board of TfL and can instruct Hendy, to do whatever .

Boris is TfL, get on his case please?

Best dressed cabby said...

I'm not sure those cash paying passengers and radio circuit account holders will be too pleased having to subsidise the card users.
Sure to go through though.
Along with" sorry sir I can't turn left onto Westminster bridge due to the cycle lane, we will have to join the traffic going round parliament sq."
Does any sense come out of the mayors office nowadays ?

Anonymous said...

how long will it be before its NO CASH----CARDS ONLY like the buses

This is a
Bother example of Boris pushing work towards minicabs who will not be compelled and will always be able to take cash.

Next to come from Boris will be All Taxis Must Take Oyster Cards. And drivers will have to pay TfL again a surcharge for the privilege

TfL not not, repeat not cover you for fraudulent payments

I see a mass demo coming with this one

Anonymous said...

Trade Startegy to 'defend the trade'.

DRIVE in then CAVE in!

Keep the stand down rolling, whilst the cab trades burning.

Divided we stand.

Anonymous said...

How would they do this. Like I have a card reader but if there is no signal I have to ask them to go to a cash machine. When you make it that all cabs must have a machine you must have a card machine that can take payments regardless of signal.

I believe there are such machines out there but subsidised through long contracts you have to sign up to, so that the cost of the machine is not as big lay out. But you are then signed in. Maybe livery on your cab too.

So my question is who pays for these machines. Us or tfl and the money I paid out to have a card machine now , will I be able to use this or scrap it.

Anonymous said...

Now you getting it

Only TfL approved machines will be allowed
How do you get your machine approved?

Something to do with more brown envelopes I believe.