Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Result For The Drivers Who Follow Tag Hit Squad and Flash Demo On Twitter

Modified pedicabs seized as part of police crackdown 

Rogue pedicabs adapted with motors to make them go faster have been seized following an operation last weekend.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police Service's Roads and Transport Policing Command, in partnership with Transport for London, seized nine pedicabs which were classified as motor vehicles due to their weight.

Over 50 pedicabs were inspected during the operation which took place in central London on 5 and 6 September.

The drivers of these vehicles were found to have no driving licences, no tax and no insurance. Two of the pedicab owners received fines of £200 and six point fixed penalty notices at the roadside. Seven other pedicab owners were reported for summons, one rider was found to be disqualified from driving and will appear at court in due course, and 25 were advised about waiting and parking restrictions.

Superintendent Rob Revill, Roads and Transport Policing Command said: "Operations checking pedicabs that have been fitted with electric motors like this will continue to prevent collisions, as well as reducing the anti-social behaviour associated with obstructing pavements and roads.

These vehicles have historically fallen outside of the insurance legislation, leaving the public passengers using them exposed to higher levels of risk."


Anonymous said...

Well done to all the drivers that did this flash demo action at last why dose it take the hard working cab driver To get results our enforcement is shit tfl shit borris full of shit
Well done jim all our 3 unions if you can call them that should be scraped 1 union that looks out for our trade LTDA. Jog on lLCDC stop sniffing around the knolwedge schools looking for members Just take a look at whats the unions have achieved Sod all

Anonymous said...

only a Met Police publicity stunt.
Still the Glow Taxi rickshaws operating all over the west end with their electric powered motors
on board.

Not the Messiah said...

As ever a result for working cab drivers, whilst others on stand own pay attempt to claims the credit.

Why can't they be generous enought to recognise that these actions have members for all trade orgs and those who don't belong to any.

If only they put that much energy into fighting for the trade against TfL.

Statements this week prove that some talk big but when it comes to the showdown back off.