Saturday, September 20, 2014

Letter To Editor: Who's The Real Hypocrite ?

At the forefront of Baroness Jones mind was to get home safe, so naturally she chose to get home late at night by taxi whilst highlighting to the Mayor that she had no choice other than to use a taxi that uses an engine that TFL are happy to licence.

Perhaps she should insist that TFL should demand manufacturers to use better engines before being licensed.

I'm sure the Baroness knows that Taxi drivers don't like the engines that are foisted upon us in order to do our jobs

Kind regards,
Mick Smith

Mick, from the figures supplied, it would seem that the Baroness only claimed for 35 Taxi journeys in a 36 month period. That's approximatel one Taxi journey every month and in our opinion, not an overly excessive amount. Although an avid cyclist, cycling isn't always an option.

As for the expences, Peter Hendy probably spends more on magazine subscriptions to vintage bus publications (which is reclaimable through his TfL expenses). I notice Assembly Member Andrew Boff never bought that up.

I totally applaud Baroness Jones's use of the best Taxi service in the world, after all she has a choice!
I'm happy to pay taxes to insure Assembly Members and staff, after working late, can be transported home in a totally safe manner.

What would Mr Boff have the Baroness do, go home to Camberwell on the night bus?

Perhaps Assembly Member Andrew Boff time would be better spent, campaigning for funding to find a cleaner engine for London's fleet of 25,000 Taxis.

Perhaps Mr Boff should look at the facts: 
For nearly three years, mayor Boris Johnson and TfL have been removing older Taxis that have less polluting emissions standards than new Taxis, under his 15 year age limit. 

Boris introduced the Age Limit without any serious scientific research, based on predictions from computer modelling. In plain English, guesstimates. 

Doesn't  this make Boris a total hypocrite, in big Hollywood in style letters?

The RMT have been heavily involved in pushing the Mayor for some form of scrappage payment scheme. 
In a recent press release, after giving evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee, Boris said he was supporting proposals for a scrappage grant of £1,000 to £2,000, to remove the most polluting diesels.

Going on the latest DEFRA and Kings College reports, does this mean that older Taxis, which have been shown to be less polluting than brand new vehicles, would be exempt from any scrappage grant?

Surely, the only thing that should be scrapped, is the unlawful 15 year age limit on Taxis, which was never evidence based.
Jim Thomas (TtT).

              Even more hypocrisy from TfL
     Ten Year Age a Limit On Private HireVehicles ?

    Pictures by kind permission of Darren Wigley.

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Anonymous said...

a 1966 morris minor convertible licensed as a private hire vehicle
allowed to carry passengers for hire and reward,Yet over 3,000 taxis to date aged 15 years old have to be scrapped.This needs a public enquiry.
a 48 year old vehicle which would do very well in a classic car completion.but not licensed as a pco vehicle.SHAME ON TFL