Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Is the Mayor misleading London about air pollution reductions?

Jenny Jones AM, questions the Mayor of London about his statement to the Environmental Audit Committee, and to the public, on reductions in air pollution.

Boris will be using predictive modelling instead of Scientific fact, to give false information to MPs.


Anonymous said...

Yet another clear case of Boris Johnson deliberately giving false information.
He has provided the predicted modelling for emissions to the Environmental Audit Committee which showed a decrease rather than the actual measurements which show little or no improvement.
The question that I hope the committee ask the Mayor is exactly how he can possibly think he has reduced NO2?
He keeps telling everyone that he has reduced NO2 by scrapping 3000 taxis yet we know from his own evidence and the scientific evidence that the new taxis create 5 times MORE NO2 , so this strategy has actually INCREASED NO2 not reduced it as he falsely claims.

Veritas said...

Dancing on the head of a pin, this bloke makes Ken Livingstone look like Mother Theresa.

That's some going.

Anonymous said...

What a genuine plank the best question dogger borris u will never get in to uxbridge nor will u be the re elected mayor a TOTAL ARSE

Black Dog said...

I'm absolutely disgusted at Steve McNamara and the Ltda. Boris Johnson is on record on a parliamentary website in 2010 admitting newer diesel vehicles pollute more than older ones... This today is true; the Mercedes Vito and the Tx4 Elegance, both being marketed as Euro 5 cleaner diesel vehicles pollute far more than TX1's and older taxis being unnecessarily scrapped under the Mayors Cleaner Air Strategy.

The unbelievable hypocrisy of Ltda council of management TfL flunkies claiming Boris Johnson is bombproof and his intentions were genuine are absolutely outrageous lies...

The rumour is the UTG have cut a deal for silence and the reward will be a ban on Uber or rickshaws - to be announced in UTG publications very soon!

The collateral damage... 10,000 perfectly good cabs scrapped by 2018 and thousands of cab drivers forced off the road.

Well done the UTG!

Gravy train said...

Black Dog.

The UTG don't have the influence to cut a dea about anything, they might want to give the impression they do.

What will TfL stay if they do ban.

'After a meeting with our stooges in the cab trade, we have decided go against all our previous statements as we accept the cab trade was correct all along'

Über and BugBugs will have them in the courts the same day.

It's all a sham, designed to keep,the average cab driver in their box and the ledger ships of these organisations on board.
You seem the kind of person who won't fall for that.

Be lucky

Anonymous said...

Black Dog, dont listen to rumours , uber will never be banned, they are the largest PH firm in London by a long way. Rickshaws? maybe.

Anonymous said...

Any video of Mr Honest Boris at the committee in parliament.?

Slippery seems so inadequate.