Tuesday, September 09, 2014

C.A.B-Cabbies Against Boris -Press Release, today's protest....by Dave Davies.

C.A.B-Cabbies Against Boris -Press Release

London Taxi Drivers today supported a protest to expose the Mayors failed London Taxi Age Limit.

LBC reported congestion at several locations as drivers staged a ‘Go –Slow’

The protest itself was organised by several different groups of drivers using social media which resulted in drivers going to different locations.


Steve McNamara of the LTDA desperately tried to undermine the protest and proactively acted against it.

In an interview on LBC by Julia Hartley Brewer (which also featured Cabbies Against Boris) Steve made some factually incorrect statements about the  reason for the protest; the Taxi Age Limit.

He said that it did not matter about the age limit as it is ‘history’. This is factually incorrect because there are still dozens of cabs being scrapped weekly.

He also said that he did not believe that Boris Johnson had acted in bad faith, despite the clear and unarguable evidence that Boris Johnson knew in 2011 that the new taxis created 5 TIMES AS MUCH NO2 as a 15 year old taxi. (As confirmed by the Mayors written report submitted to the Environmental Audit Committee in 2011)


There are several issues of serious concern here.

Firstly why is Steve McNamara making what are blatantly false statements to cover up for the Mayors improper and unlawful taxi age limit?

Secondly why does he dismiss Taxi Age limit as history when taxis are being scrapped on a daily basis?

Finally, why is the LTDA taking no action whatsoever to challenge TFL on what is blatant improper conduct?

There is feedback from many drivers who are LTDA members and who are extremely dissatisfied that the they are paying monthly subscriptions to the LTDA who are doing nothing to protect their members interests. 

Unite seem to have adopted the same strategy and have proactively tried to discredit the Cabbies Against Boris protest, instead of acting in their members interest.

It raises the question as to how long members will continue paying a subscription to organisations who do not seem to be acting their best interests.


In complete contrast the London Taxi Branch of the RMT and the United Cabbies Group are making every effort to take action in their members best interests.

Len Martin of the UCG and Lewis Norton of the RMT gave interviews today outside City Hall to LBC and to London Live and were able to make valid points about their concerns.

Jenny Jones also gave an interview at City Hall about the Mayor’s failed Air Quality strategies.


Again thanks to all those who have supported the protest today; it was covered extremely well by the media and has exposed the serious concerns


Boris Johnson is due to appear before the Environmental Audit Committee at 2pm tomorrow at Portcullis House, and it is hoped that following today’s media coverage he will be held to account about the improper Taxi Age Limit.

It seems that there may be another flash demo tomorrow and that this time it will be in one location to maximize the effect.

  >Click here for Video clips from London live today<


Anonymous said...

Dave, of course McNamara, Davis and Kelly don't want to associate with this protest, they're the ones who signed it, without consultation of and on behalf of their members.

Of course McNamara doesn't care about the age limit , he doesn't drive a TX1 with 6 months left before it's scrapped, even though it's in excellent condition.

Steve drives a brand new Lexus paid for by his members.

Of course McNamara doesn't want to go against TfL, his boss is on the board.

Also in the back of the minds of the UTG leaders, there is always a chance that the engagement policy may be dug up again and see them sitting in Palestra having tea and biscuits, (how did Danny Sullivan put it on Twitter) sorting out the trades troubles with number 1 and number 2.

Anonymous said...

Was Grant D in attendance?

Difficult one for the Club, they agreed the age limit and many are sore about their absolute rolling over concerning the Olympics

Anonymous said...

Mcnamara sold out years ago

Anonymous said...

All the good PR work Steve did last week, inquiry, ITV news, live London etc, has been destroyed by this backing up of Boris's lies.

Proof again that Oddy still pulling Mc's strings.

Anonymous said...

A bit hypocritical of Steve McNamara when his ad-van has been all over town in recent months sporting:


What other issues does McNamara consider history???
Furthermore, he can't comprehend the facts that prove Boris Johnson introduced the Taxi Age Limit on a bed of lies...


I'm Spartacus said...

The Penny is beginning to drop.

The UTG won't criticise the mayor (who chairs TfL) as he also appoints the board members .

The board fails to hold TfL to any account and is a rubber stamp for any scheme Hendy and Johnson dream up.

The UTG is controlled by the LTDA as the other two organisations have either no money or insufficient will to criticise the mayor and board or act independently

The UTG and/or it's constituent organisations need to decide if they are part of the problem (The mayor, TfL and the ineffectual board) or the solution (bringing about change to the status quo).

If the current leaderships cannot deliver that change then perhaps it's time for others to so do?