Thursday, September 04, 2014

C.A.B - Cabbies Against Boris PRESS RELEASE

The London Taxi trade has been subjected to many improper decisions by the Mayor and TFL.

The London Taxi Age Limit is improper and unlawful, and deliberately causes financial hardship to taxi drivers, who are the group of workers most badly affected by toxic pollution. 

The Mayor has failed in his Duty of Care to protect the Public and urgent action needs to be taken.

The Mayor is due to appear before the Environmental Audit Committee on Wednesday 10th September and should be required to explain why he has implemented the London Taxi Age limit which will not reduce pollution as proven by scientific evidence.

London Taxi Protests will take place before the Inquiry in the hope that this point is not overlooked.

Drivers will stage a ‘Go Slow’ in Central London at 2pm on Tuesday 9th September , the day before the Air Quality Inquiry hearing.

C.A.B  hope that drivers from all trade organisations will support the protest.

The Committee is urged to ask The Mayor;

‘’The Mayor of London acknowledged in a written report to the Environmental Audit Committee in 2011 that the new Euro Emissions standards were not delivering reductions in pollution. 

He said:

‘’A Euro 5 car, for example, emits around five times as much direct NO2 as a fifteen year old car. ‘’

The Mayor was asked on many occasions by London Assembly Members to at least conduct testing to prove that scrapping taxis would reduce emissions. He point blank refused to conduct a single test

 In 2013 Defra released a report after the Environmental Research Group tested 10,000 taxis which confirmed that the new taxis were creating more pollution than those that had been scrapped.

Emissions reduction of PM could have been achieved by use of Clean Diesel, an Engine Clean Up Process, or retrofitting Diesel Particulate Filters.

Why has the Mayor needlessly scrapped 3000 taxis and why does he continue with this improper policy of scrapping taxis which are cleaner than the new taxis?’’

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Anonymous said...

The UTG/ trade orgs reluctantly agreed to the London Taxi Age Limit under duress; they were told that it would be a 10 year age limit if they did not agree to a 15 year age limit.
They also agreed to it based on false information.
Boris Johnson was sacked as a reporter for the Times for lying.
In 2004 he was sacked by the Tory leader for lying.
He has now lied about the taxi age limit; he falsely claimed it would reduce emissions yet he had previously given evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee in 2011 that a 15 year old vehicle was cleaner than a new Euro 5 vehicle.
He has lied about the Taxi Age limit which is Misconduct in Public Office, a criminal offence.
He should be sacked and the taxi trade can hope that his replacement makes reasonable, proper and fair decisions

PM10 said...

Anything that highlights the incompetence of the mayor and TfL is worth a little slice of your time.

Anonymous said...

My R reg come off the road last december. Then I bought a S reg which only had nine months left so it has just come off the road. Now im looking for my third cab in 9 months to get back to work. As a yb I can only afford cab's with short plates and even they cost an arm and a leg. Thanks BORRIS, I nearly hate you as much as GRANT DAVIS, be lucky

Anonymous said...

Anon. 11.11

How come then that any of the organisations that agreed the age limit have never said this?

They should have had the guts to walk out but that would have meant admitting the UCG and RMT were correct, better the cab trade got shafted that that eh?

Anonymous said...

ANON 5.06

When thee Taxi Age Limit consultations took place the trade orgs were not aware that the new taxis created MORE pollution; they were conned by the Mayor and TFL

The evidence that the Taxi Age Limit was improper only really came about last year in May when the Defra report showed that the new taxis were creating MORE pollution.
The statement that Boris Johnson made in 20111 was uncovered last year and was not know by the trade orgs at the time of the age limit consultation.

Nothing can be done about what was missed in the past. The only thing that matters is that action is taken now