Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Breaking News...Possible Merger Of RTG and Dial A Cab.

News has emerged today of a possible partnership between Radio Taxi Group (Mountview)  and Dial A Cab. Both circuit chairman have written to members asking for opinions on a possible tie-up.

This letter has been received by RTG drivers and shareholders this morning. 

Also Dial a Cab's chairman Brian Rice has written to drivers asking for them to vote on the possibility of the merger. 

Included in the Dial a Cab letter is a Yes/No slip. Drivers have been asked to complete and return in the pre paid envelope no later than the 8th October. 

     Many thanks to Glen and Dawn for the photos

Other Breaking news today: 
Airport Charges;
Transport for London (TfL) and Heathrow Ltd (HAL) have confirmed that the charge made to drivers entering the Taxi feeder park charge will remain in place. It has also been confirmed that drivers (at present) can still apply the passenger surcharge to the fare.

Saving made by HAL of around £1/4m will be passed on to the trade and the current cost of entering the feeder park of £5:22, is likely to be reduced to £3:38 on January 1st 2015.

We have been informed that TfL will be issuing a press release later.
    Source: HP, hope to Ketchup soon 


Anonymous said...

DaC and Mountview merge...Reisel exclaims 'of course a new holding company will have to be formed!'Let me hazard a guess what it will be called Geoffrey...

McBride asset stripping enterprises Ltd.

New technologies to be be called Shyster.com!

Anonymous said...

yellow badges on DaC what ever next joining the cab drivers club .this trade just keeps getting stranger up the day

Shyster.Com said...

DaC to demutualise through the back door.