Monday, August 11, 2014

Verifone accuses Taxi drivers of "keeping their precise earnings a secret with no record of what you make for the tax man". Travis B.

In a paid for article carried in the latest edition of the LTDA's Taxi paper, Verifone's Ben Priestley has accused Taxi drivers who do not take credit cards, of "keeping their precise earnings a secret with no record of what you make for the tax man".

Just because an article carries the pretext "Advertisement", it should not indemnify the publication from all responsibility to the content of the article.

This article has angered drivers, many of whom say they will not be using Verifone in future. Those who have the facility fitted on rental vehicles say they will cover up the unit and use smart phone apps instead.

Drivers on social media and forums are calling for the immediate withdrawal of the online pages from the LTDA website and a full apology to be carried in. The next issue of Taxi paper

The Article Says:

The trade has been discussing taking card payments for
years, it’s become the accepted ‘norm’ now and will probably be mandated by 2016. Whilst nobody has said it in so many words, the only grounds to remain ‘cash only’ are to keep your precise earnings secret, with no record of what you make for the taxman (or missus) to hold against you. That’s despite nine out of ten taxi passengers stating that they wanted the option to pay their fare by card in a recent TfL survey.

As a consumer yourself, there’s not much you pay for with cash now. Not so long ago it was commonplace, making it hypothetically possible for cabbies to get one over on the taxman.

If you feel that you have been unfairly accused of tax evasion by Mr Priestley's remark in print, make sure you let the LTDA know how you feel.

Email their Vice General Secretary at 
and ask him to remove this insult from the Taxi online publication ASAP. 

Editorial Comment: by Jim Thomas.
Should trade publications take more care with paid for articles and adverts carried in their publications.
We have seen insulting adverts before were taxi drivers have been targeted by loan companies offering loans at unreasonable repayment charges. 

Also one trade publication carried full page adverts for an organised crime ring brothel, that was found to be using illegal immigrant sex slaves to service customers.

Surely our trade publications should have standards and should vet these types of adverts.

Or is it really all about the money?

Personally I use smart phone app Cab:App, to accept credit cards. It's extremely easy to set up and pays out three times a week. The money is paid straight into your bank account, in some cases within hours if a transaction. 

Customers love the app which charges them just 3% of the total transaction.

Compulsory Credit Card Acceptance:
Included in this years fare increase consultation, is a request by interested parties, to make credit card acceptance mandatory in London's licensed taxis. 
Taxi leaks has been told by the LTDA that they will fight this measure and have informed TfL if this becomes the case, then they will seek a Judicial Reveiw of TfL.

It is our belief that most other trade orgs would support the LTDA in this proposal. 


Anonymous said...

With earnings as they have been last few years I doubt many would be "hiding" anything significant...that statement is an outdated stereotype, and an insulting generalization.
Once again its large corporate businesses looking for a piece of what we do...its not drivers or customers banging on to make cards mandatory, but the companies that supply the service.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for "CASHBACK"

Anonymous said...

I take it Mr Priestley regards as the Dartford Crossing operators cheating on the Taxman too?
They don't take card either.

Anonymous said...

Poor show and you know it.

If this bloke said the same about Amazon, Über etc. Their lawyers would roast him.

So LTDA defend your members and do the same, surely you won't let some paltry bit of advertising revenue stand in the way?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the CEO Paul Galant or the SVP for Europe 'calamity Jane' June has to say about this PR *uckup ....typical VeriFone arrogance....

Jack from Mons said...

Contained in this years fare increase consultation, is the scrapping of the drivers right to claim back credit card payment commission. Which means you the driver will be paying 10% to firms like Verifone.

This is the sole reason why pressure is being put on TfL by credit card companies to make acceptance of CC cards mandatory, as they fear cabbies will no longer want to take cards when faced with paying the surcharge themselves.

London has more ATM machines than any other UK City and passengers are only too pleased to use ATMs as in most cases it works out cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Every man has to earn money for a livelihood. Money can be earned in both honest and dishonest ways. There are some who leave no stone unturned to earn money but whatever they do they always stick to the path of honesty and never try to deviate from that path. There are also some other whose only motto in life is to earn money and they never care for the ways they have to adopt for it, the way may be honest or dishonest. Their only concern is to earn money by hook or by crook and nothing else.
Mr Priestleys target is to earn "Filthy Lucre" off the backs of honest working cab drivers - thus making him and his comments hypocritical at best!

Anonymous said...

I done the knowledge,

I pay for the cab,

I maintain the cab,

I keep the cab in top condition,

And I wan't 9% of the credit card charge to go to me the driver, and Benny Boy can have 1%.

Anonymous said...

As ever someone else who gets a living FROM those who drive a cab!

What a complete own goal from the LTDA.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Verifone got their fingers out of their backside and paid taxi drivers their card payment money ON TIME and not random amounts on random days then taxi drivers would be more inclined to use their "service". I am still waiting on money they owe me, that they "accidentally" paid someone else over a year ago! Thanks but no thanks Verifone!