Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Time to Go Ho, Bo Jo! .... Boris To Stand Down.

So as expected Boris Johnson is to stand as an M.P., no doubt the other Tory hopefuls for whatever seat that appears  will be delighted!

Anyhow that's not our concern and let's look at what he did or to be more precise did not do for the cab trade.

He made and then went back on his promise to end the 'six monthly' test, we now have two MOT's and the TfL test!

He promised to end the scourge of illegal minicabs and plying for hire by PH, a visit to any bar and club will tell you how well he got on!

He completely shafted us (remember he is chair of TfL) over the Olympics and when we protested he used anti terrorist legislation and stated that he wished that he had had tanks to crush the demonstrating cabs, so much for his view of democracy!

We have had fare rises below inflation that has worsened our standard of living, this from the man who manages to find time to write a newspaper column for 100k that he views as chicken feed.

He has manipulated the cab trade and kept us divided, Hendy should have gone over 'Grundy gate' but somehow clung on. Theer is no coherent strategy for emissions etc. etc.

The Olympics, Bike hire and Crossrail were all in progress before he came into office so he can't (though he does of course) claim any credit.

In short a PR savvy windbag without any substance or principle, whoever gets him as M.P. should take heed, you can have him!

We don't want him to cling on, we want him gone ASAP.

Let's have someone of standing and authority for a change for the worlds greatest city.

I'm Spartacus 

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Anonymous said...

Yep just like the picture a real road crash.

Anonymous said...

Big red mass murderers running around London.