Thursday, August 14, 2014

NEWS FLASH Uber banned in Berlin in latest taxi app crackdown.

Uber has been banned in Berlin, according to a press release from the State Office for Public Order of affairs.

The press release, issued on Wednesday, said the app-enabled service was in violation of the Passenger Transport Act. The headline of the press release was titled "prohibition order to protect the public".

The company has been threatned with fines of up to  €25,000 for each violation of the ban. Individual Uber drivers could face  €20,000 fines if they continue to carry on their business. 

According to the Berlin city government, Uber risks passenger safety through the use of "unverified drivers in unlicensed vehicles". The ban is not yet in force and Uber still has time to challenge the prohibition order in court.

Uber pushed back against the ban in a statement issued this morning:

"With demand for Uber services in Berlin on the rise, Berliners are voting with their fingers for choice, freedom and mobility for the future.

If the prohibition order goes through, it will considerably restrict the people of Berlin’s access to innovative transport options that open up choice and mobility in Germany’s biggest city and beyond. One of the biggest benefits of uberPop, our innovative ride-share service is the additional mobility option provided to people by Uber living outside the city limits.

The prohibition order therefore seeks to restrict freedom and limit mobility in Berlin and beyond."

Back in April, Uber was served with an injunction by a Berlin court for hurting competition.

The injuction was brought forward by Richard Leipold, a taxi operator and chairman of the city's taxi association.

Berlin's prohibition is just the latest in string of attacks by European regulators and politicians on the San Francisco startup.


After a strong lobbying effort by French taxi unions, Uber was subjected to the so-called "15-minute" law, which requires taxi apps to wait 15 minutes after customers place a booking to pick them up.

However, this has not been enough to appease the militant taxi unions of Paris. The French capital's taxi groups have since been lobbying for a doubling of the regulation to a "30-minute" rule.


In April, a Belgium court ruling found Uber's operations illegal and threatened €10,000 fines for every ride. The ruling came after a series of protests by Brussels' minister for public works and transport minister, Brigitte Grouwels, along with several taxi companies who had accused Uber of violating regulations.

    Source: CityAM


Anonymous said...

Those governments do protect their own people, They realise it's in their mutual interests, taxes, employment, consumerism, etc. Whereas, our governments have never protected the people, simply used them. it's how it's always been with British governments. We are no longer needed by them, they can import new worker bees. hence, they don't give an excrement wether we servive or not. They'de rather we didn't, then they can provide employment for their new imported electorate. Of those who have recently arrived and completed the knowledge, well done, but you are viewed by British Government as collateral damage. If they've treated us, the white working & middle class, their own people in such a manner, what makes you believe they will be any better with you?

Vito Corleone said...

London is Different...

Different because our licencing authority is infested with halfwits from the bus companies that have a twisted agenda to damage the London taxi trade as much as they can.

Different because our trade representatives are part of the problem. They do not feel the same pain as the average cab driver who doesn't have a secondary income such as stand down pay to under pin their income!!!

Anonymous said...

Good point, that's the key difference others realise that prosperity and partnership go together.

Anonymous said...

A friends daughter applied for a job at Lidl and didn't even get a reply.
She asked a young woman in one of Lidl's stores how she got her job... she replied "I was recruited for the job in Latvia!"

F##K the E.U.

Anonymous said...

Better them than US slavers

Anonymous said...

Uber will be banned by November Big meeting at TFL today I think they call it passing the buck Leon start looking for a new job old son

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.01

More Info please ....

Anonymous said...

Will Boris back the cab trade over corporate raiders?

If he does Daniels days must be numbered, but we said that after 'Grundygate' with Hendy and he got a knighthood!

Why is for sure is that we need to keep the inadequacies of TfL in the public eye, we only wish the TfL board member who is the deputy general secretary of the LTDA would say something.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:01PM

This is a blinding bit of news for the LCDC. If a decision will not be made until November that means... Two more propaganda issues of The Badge telling the trade how hard the boys from the biscuit factory are all working to save the trade, and another 3+ months to sign up the next bunch of clueless butters to walk out of Palestra with a shiny new badge in their hand.

7:01 PM, you just got owned!