Thursday, August 07, 2014

News Flash : Richmond Rank update. council meeting decision.

After a two hour meeting with local Councillors, lead engineers and police and local MP Zac Goldsmith, Richmond Licensed Taxi rank is moving away from the Richmond Station !! 

The rank is being moved forward by about 80 feet and all people will see when they come out of the station is the arse end of the last cab on the new rank this rank will be trialed for 6 months with 3 cabs only and it has been agreed that it will become a 4 cab rank after the trial .

Drivers must not sit on this rank with there engine running as local shops complain about the smell. 
Any further complaints and we will be gone.

The council has tried every permutation know to man to get the town to run smoothly and they agree its not the drivers fault.  
But money talks and TFL hold the purse strings. 

Signage will be going in as well as the telephone system as used in the past. There will be some sort of system put in place so the drivers know when there is space available to move over from a feeder rank to the new rank. 

It is felt by local drivers that this was the best they were ever going to get, but it will take time to bed in. 

Local driver reps have also asked about ranking for twickenham stadium for the word cup next year and things are looking good. There is a new guy at the council who has worked with drivers before and he is on the short list to get the Job that takes in Twickenham town center and the surrounding roads at twickenham stadium.

More news as we get it .

Thanks for all your support. I must just add the Police were amazing today and backed us up all the way as well as Zac Goldsmith.

All the best. 


Anonymous said...

Zac for mayor.

Anonymous said...

What was wrong with what you had?

Stand by for a satellite office

Anonymous said...

there was nothing wrong with what we had it was all down to thick bus drivers not stopping at at the bus stop they say they didnt have enough room we did tell them this 8 years ago !!!! hey ho its only public money .

Anonymous said...

As ever Hendy's beloved buses (after all they did make him a millionaire) come first.

Anonymous said...

Whilst I am all for saving diesel, and the environment, by switching off my engine on a rank, who are the local shops to dictate to me when I can have my engine running?

The shops all have heating and/or air conditioning, and these systems create far more emissions and greenhouse gases than vehicle exhausts, yet I doubt that they would switch off these units at my request to improve the quality of the air that I breathe?

The 'Offices, Shops and Railway Premises Act' governs the temperatures in which office and shop workers are expected to work, so why should we not be entitled, entirely at our own expense, to regulate the temperatures in which we are expected to work, or are we not entitled to the same human rights as shop workers?

Disenchanted of Kingston.