Monday, August 18, 2014

Manchester City Council Make Mess Of Licence Payments Refunds...From Taxi Leaks Manchurian Correspondent

Manchester City Council, rebate on Taxi fee's from funds in Taxi reserve account.

M.C.C. Have overcharged the Taxi/ PH trade on the yearly fees charged.

After an Audit of the year 2012 the external Auditor, Grant Thornton recommended that M.C.C should make refunds.

M.C.C have finally agreed to do this after a threat of Legal Action from the trade. M.C.C intend to do this by giving a rebate of fees charged for the following year from Oct 14 to Oct 15.

But they have done this in a totally unfair and probably unlawful way.

1. New Private hire vehicles get a rebate of £36.
2.  Renewal PH vehicles only get a rebate of only £24. 

A renewal, by its title, means it is someone who has paid a previous fee into the fund.

A new vehicle applicant has not yet paid anything. Yet it gets a larger rebate. How can that be fair. ?
2. Driver renewals.
  An existing driver receives a rebate of £57
  A new applicant gets a rebate of £112 
  New driver's also get a reduction on training and test fee's
  How can somebody who has never been licensed receive a rebate when they have not contributed to any fund ?
3. PH Operators.
  New PH operators get the same rebate as operators who renew. Those that renew have recently overpaid funds.

New Operators have yet to pay anything, how can they get a rebate. ?

M.C.C issued 5434 Drivers licenses in the year ended 2012.
A drivers working life can span 45 years, from the age of 25 to 70 years old.
Dividing 45 into 5434 means on average 120 driver's retire each year. That means an average of 360 driver's have retired in the 3 years this surplus was accrued. 

The proposal to give rebates or refunds over the forthcoming year will give those driver's no opportunity to recover their overpayments.

To exacerbate the injustice of this, many of the recently retired have had to do this on medical grounds. That section of driver are rarely prepared for retirement and many live in penury. The funds available are rightfully theirs, not new applicants.

I would respectfully suggest that M.C.C reviews these unjust proposals.

Editorial Comment:
The United Taxi Group who, between them are alleged to represent over a third of the London Taxi Trade, did nothing when Taxi drivers were overcharged by TfL. The discrepancy took place when NSL took over from SGS. 

Surely the drivers are not responsible for TfL management's financial cockups.
Any shortfall should have been made up from bonuses paid to top bosses

The UTG, ever fearful of being excluded from an engagement policy, took as gospel TfL's excuse for the overcharge. Director of TPH John Mason said they had to make the higher charge for vehicle licences because, SGS had given up the contract early and although the new system under NSL was half the price of SGS, they had already budgeted for the year to the end of that financial period.

Also because the ranks budget wasn't used it would be halved for the following year.where did this money disappear to?

TfL should not be making a profit from drivers, as all money from licence fees is supposedly ring-fenced 
The UTG need to call in auditors and find out exactly where our supples is goining. 

Was it used to pay to bosses massive bonuses for 2012-2013?


Anonymous said...

The UTG didn't challenge a damn thing under John Masons time in office. Some claim "we had to sit down with em to find out what they wos all about"; but in reality they got into bed with TfL and let Mason take control.
A disgraceful legacy that they are trying to bury; now that legacy is coming back to bite them on the backside... hence all the meetings at Woodfield Rd, organised to make sure they all get their stories straight for publication purposes.

Ad Van..50 sobs an hour said...

ALL of the UTG read this blog on a daily basis, yet they are paralysed by the truth and unable to respond...

Even a rat will attack when cornered...

Anonymous said...

who put these pricks in,they get loads of our money,WE did not put them in,they know nothing about the cab trade,only what they read in books or make up new things to get more money,so that sexy hendy can get laid,fight to get them out and put some one in that knows the cab trade,we would not be in half as much trouble as we are now,if it wasn`t for these muppets

Anonymous said...

Somehow we have let the authorities control some of our trade orgs by default.

Years of uncontested elections has led to some people getting very comfortable and that leads to an attitude of 'Don't rock the boat'.

The recent demos were just enough to stave off the membership asking questions, what's needed is fresh blood in the committees of theses organisations.

Anonymous said...

Well said Anon 7:47AM. You have hit the nail right on the head. Since the last demo it has leaked out that the club were close to bankruptcy. It's now blatantly obvious why the club has suddenly gone so proactive, they are desperate for new members!

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget rats have jumped ship.
Nothing worse than selling out you colleagues

Anonymous said...

Well now that they pushed through the identifier issue , they have got no other agenda appart from bashing yb's.
LCDC is a two bob outfit with a two bob leader

Anonymous said...

11:11 AM

youknowwhoiam said...

I also remember our union talking to council concerning a raise from 25p for one year to £36 pounds for three years.
When they came back to us they were chuffed that they had won!!WON!!! they came back and told u that they got it down to £12 for one year!!!!!!!!!!ERM do the maths ---it's the f£"$£%ing same you pricks!!!
The only people who are willing to do something for us is our own private hire association e.: MPHA or even ourselves, but you know whAT! WE DON'T STICK TOGETHER ENOUGH--CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO GET OFF OUR ARSES!!.
Or ..on the day of getting together it will be busy on the job--i've done this job 42 years man and boy hackney and private hire---for gods sake p.h. can't use bus lanes even to pick up or drop off for gods sake---Liverpool (yes scousers, noisey neighbours, call them what you want but the f£$%^ers stick together---NO MORE BUS LANES IN SCOUSE LAND,,, "ARE YOU LISTENING!!!!?
GOT THE MESSAGE????????????????