Thursday, August 28, 2014

LTDA warn wealthy Arab tourists over rickshaws rip offs

The Licenced Taxi Drivers' Association (LTDA) is giving leaflets to tourists, warning them that some rickshaw drivers are charging up to £200 for short journeys, such as that from Selfridges in Oxford Street to Harrods, a distance of around two miles.

Taxi drivers have produced a leaflet in Arabic warning tourists about using rickshaws without agreeing a reasonable price.

The LTDA has now produced a warning leaflet in Arabic to warn visitors of the possible dangers of using rickshaws. It has also used an announcement on the side of a van parked at Marble Arch.

A van warning tourists in Arabic about rickshaws, which the LTDA claims are overcharging tourists.

"The LTDA has received dozens of complaints, via our taxi driving members, from Arab tourists who have been ‘Ripped Off’ by unscrupulous Rickshaw Riders for short rides around London. £200 from Selfridges to Harrods is not uncommon and £50 to go a few hundred yards is regularly reported. In an effort to protect visitors to London and safeguard our Capitals good name the LTDA have produced a warning leaflet in Arabic concerning the dangers of using rickshaws. 

We have produced a similar poster on our Advan which is parked at Marble Arch in the heart of the West End. All day we will be distributing leaflets in this very visual and probably controversial attempt to highlight what is happening to vulnerable non English speaking tourists in London in 2014."

    Source ITV News


Anonymous said...

Uber now officially cheaper then Rickshaws and Walking!!.uber just announced 15% fare decrease, those poor guys, how many hours a day do these leaflets phv drivers have to work to make a living wage. How many of these drivers are involved in RTA because they fall asleep. Would love to see stats on that.

Anonymous said...

sign me up as a Rickshaw driver and they're Euro 6 compliant

Anonymous said...

Nice one Steve Mac ,but your 3 weeks too late,only a dusting of Arabs left in London now.Funny how the leaflet team were only working in daylight when most of the pedicab useage is done during the late evening/early hours.

El Fatoi said...

As ever too little too let other orgs have already been on Arab TV

Anonymous said...

Smoke and mirrors... Ltda

Doing the bare minimum, clueless how to tackle the real issues such as satellite offices, STaN and the corruptly introduced Taxi Age Limit. There main focus is on a few Arabs getting ripped off and council of management hit the streets with leaflets. WTF has this issue go to do with Ltda members interests ? This is no more than a PR con!

Anonymous said...

whats the dıfference between a yb and a rıckshaw. a rıckshaw can pıck up ın central london and the gb cant do f.a about it.

Anonymous said...

I see the LCDC are trying to fuel the rift between YBs and GBs again!

Do they feel left behind over the action taken by the LTDA.

Well done Steve Mac and all concerned.

I see on twitter Grant wanted a flash demo today, but Oddy wouldn't give permission, he said not till next week

Shows where the power lies

Claud said...

Think it's unkind comment
LTDA doing the trade proud

What the LCDC haven't done or have done should not be talked about on this post.

Anonymous said...
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CC said...

Well done to the LTDA for the Arabic flyers warning about the wankers on bikes,but surely it is at least a month too late,most arabs have gone back now.sitting at the Grosvenor house watching job after job go into cars,hearing about Uber going to lap from mile end for £34,this great job is being attacked from all sides with no-one fighting our corner

Anonymous said...

Jim, doing the trade proud is one of your tells when writing. If it gets out you are supporting Bob Oddy's agenda, you are going to look like the pillerk you are. lol

Editorial said...

One of my tells, really
Don't ever remember using that phrase.

I am not against everything the LTDA do, just the stuff I feel is damaging the trade.

Personally I thought this exercise was worthwhile, albeit a couple of weeks late.

Objective was to raise awareness, which it did very well.
Great coverage on ITV news.

IMO, a good use of membership funds.

It's "Pillock" by the way.


Anonymous said...

Please don't think these uber drivers don't earn mate if you so you have buried you head deep in the sand if you speak to the punters uber is the buz word for young people in London these drivers are running mercs and BMW cars and from what I've read on ph web sites earning good money and with most using uber hailo and wheely at the same time they've got plenty going on its a massive threat