Tuesday, August 05, 2014

GLA Transport Committee Investigation Into Taxi and Private Hire...By Jim Thomas.

I have been asked to make comment about the ongoing investigation, currently being undertaken by the GLA.

Looking at what's available on the GLA website, it seems there is a danger we may be being led down a cul-de-sac. Looking at the key questions put forward, the GLA seem to have swerved on the original remit of the investigation.

We were initially promised the Transport Committee would pay particular attention to how the Mayor's Transport Strategy is being implemented and the competence of TfL, past and present.

The key questions forming the basis of the investigation, appear to show they are no longer actively investigating TfL's handling of the Taxi and Private Hire trades, but instead are looking more at the services offered by Taxi and Private Hire.

Questions for the investigation:
(From the GLA website)

During the investigation the Transport Committee will seek to answer the following key questions:

1• What are passengers’ views about taxi and private hire services in London including about the availability at different times and locations, safety and cost of these services?

This question adds credence to the allegation that a certain outside agency wants The a Mayor and TfL to make Taxi ownership such a financial burden, that the only way to survive would be to have more than one driver per vehicle, thus providing more availability at all hours of the day and night. 

2• How well are the Mayor, TfL and the taxi and private hire industries responding to passenger issues?

For question 2, we would have preferred is how well is The Mayor and TfL responding to Taxi drivers issues???

3• What more could the Mayor, TfL and the Taxi and private hire industries be doing to improve Taxi and private hire services in London?

Again should have been worded, what more can be improved in the performance of TfL and the service they provide to the Taxi and Private Hire trades. 

There is not one question about the ability or past performance of TfL or wether they are fit and proper to carry on as a licensing authority.

However, it's not too late to have your say. You can still submit your views as the Committee will accept written submissions provided until the end of September 2014. 

Lets not forget the the previous two transport committee reports along with the Stan report, resulted in the unenforceable expansion of licence variations in the form of satellite offices (Ex chief superintendent of Cab Enforcement Joe Royals words) complete with lines of ranking minicabs, controlled by clipboard men touting for custom outside venues.

Send written submissions to the Transport Committee London Assembly, City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA, or email: transportcommittee@london.gov.uk 

Editorial Notes:
I believe the RMT have submitted a mountain of evidence to the committee. Taxi Leaks has also been contacted by Darren Johnson, to submit the result of research appertaining to the licensing of certain PH operators in Central London and the City.

Let's hope this is not just another example of smoke and mirrors, eventually turning over the "Best Taxi  Service In The World". TtT.


Anonymous said...

The London Taxi trade were warned, and warned, and warned about a GLA enquiry...

It was STRONGLY advised over, and over, ANY enquiry into TfL should be a PUBLIC ENQUIRY.
However, the RMT Cab Section refused to listen to sense.
Reasoning was given that the GLA are complicit with Boris Johnson's strategies to de-commission London Taxis as a smokescreen to support his failed emissions strategy.

The GLA are, and always have been in full support of STaN
, and fully condone rapes and sexual assaults as collateral damage!

Anonymous said...

you all keep banging on about rapes and sexual assaults but you won't even let yb's clear up the crap in town at the weekend after midnight when you clearly cant cover all the work. so the sexual predditors have a field day. I know what your going to say, do the green,but im only saying to clear the streets for a few hours at the weekend to benefit the public and give us a few extra bob at the same time.

Anonymous said...

its not a solution am afraid. and yes, do the green mate.

Anonymous said...

No your right GB pick and choose there jobs but not from next year il will be an offence for a green badge or yellw badge not to stop when hailed and yes there is a shortage of cabs at 2 am till 6 am sat and sun am I wrong no just wait for the statement from TFL next month

Rev. (Unordained) V Haldady said...

Anon 5.05

They can pass whatever rule they like, it's I enforceable, you can drive pass a job without ever seeing it yet it's an offence , you and they are having a laugh!

Refusal are and always have been a different matter, but even then if your Health & Safety is at risk, no one can compel you to accept any such hiring.

As ever research the subject before hitting the keyboard mate!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.48


The RMT has always asked for a public enquiry, but as ever due to petty posturing amongst the other trade orgs with the notable exception of HATDU and UCG , the others remained silent.

The GLA has annouced it's enquiry which is limited in scope and not wants wanted but we have to respond. You seem keen to criticise but offer no remedies.

Anonymous said...

If a yb get's hailed on the street they will 100 percent stop unless the punter's holding a gun.
As for anon 12.35 why don't you pick up the piss heads and druggies from fabric and the egg club then. you will not in a million years pick up this type of work so just swallow it for a few hours at the weekend. remember it might be your kid out there that needs to get home but cant get a cab.