Thursday, August 14, 2014

Camden Council Bid To Cut St Pancras Euro Star Taxi Rank Capacity.

I see Camden are looking to remove the segregated feed rank for St Pancras from Pancras Rd/Brill Place and replace it with a cycle lane after discussions with Camden Cycling Campaign. 

St Pancras is the main transfer hub for St Pancras Euro Star. 
Camden Councils Transport committee are made up mainly from cycling fanatics, who want the age limit on London Taxis reduced to ten years, already plan to ban Taxis from accessing major roads and popular shopping areas in the borough, now want to cut the Taxi rank capacity.

Camden Council leader Sarah Haywood and  cabinet member for transport Phil Jones.

We are proposing improvements to Pancras Rd Rail Bridge / Goods Way / Camley Street junction. 

We seeking to improve conditions for cyclists at the junction and have been discussing various ways we can do this with Camden Cycling Campaign.

The taxi rank from Pancras Road (south) to the Midland Road junction (under the bridge) will be removed; however the rank on Midland Road will be retained. Whilst the dedicated rank under the bridge will be removed, taxis will now be able to join the rank from both Pancras Road (north) and from Euston Rd / Pancras Rd (south) via general traffic lanes.

The taxi rank and footway under the bridge is within railway (HS1 Ltd.) land and our proposals will require a change of use of their property. 

This will, as explained above, involve the conversion of the taxi rank to a footway. We have discussed our proposals with them and they have not raised objections. We are working with them to ensure that access to the station by foot, coach and taxi is retained and delivery is not impacted.

Editorial Comment:
After finding a massive loop hole in the 1869 Hackney Carriage Act, on the 6th of March 1961, Carline with their Ford Anglias became the first company to pioneer the minicab in London. On the19th June that same year, Michael Gotla's Welbeck cars went into business with a fleet of 700 Renault Dolphins. This took minicabs to a new standard and meant a smartly dressed minicab driver in a beige corduroy suit and cap could drive you around London for only 1 shilling per mile.

Many thought this would be the end of the Taxi trade.
Since 1961, many have come and many have gone. The best Taxi service in the world has always stood firm against all competition. 

People want Taxis, people want drivers with the knowledge, people want licensed drivers who are fit and proper to do the job. They don't want cheap imitation.

It's not competition that puts this trade in danger.

But recently, a series of conditions on our trade, are proving to be the biggest threat to our very existence.

1. From January 1st only new vehicles that are to Euro 6 standard can be plated. This means if you have just bought a euro 5 Taxi, in five years time you will have to pay over £50 a week just to bring it into Central London.

2. The Law commission wants to do away with your exclusive right to ply for hire.

3. Councils are queuing up to exclude Taxis from parts of their borough. Ranks have been and are planned to be moved away from where they are needed the most.

When I first came into the trade over 40 years ago, there was 1 rank space for virtually every Taxi (although in 1973 there were only 13,000 Taxis). Today with just over 22,000 Green Badge drivers, this has been dramatically shrunk to 1 rank space for every 65 Taxis. 

One of the worst offenders being Camden council who are planning to exclude Taxis from major roads and shopping areas. Not content with this, they also plan to shrink the amount of rank spaces in the borough. 

The life blood of this trade is the place where we are allowed to work, to ply for hire. Take away our streets, our ranks and you cut off the supply of blood to the very heart of our trade.

This consultation has been running since the 21st of July.

Click the link above and have your say.
Let's hope it's not too late. 


Anonymous said...

Perhaps someone should inform Camden that the appointments and cancellation of cab ranks is the responsibility of TfL and NOT Camden or any other local authority for that matter

Anonymous said...

Another fine mess we got ourselves in

Anonymous said...

So i will have to pay £50 per week to bring my xreg tx1 to work are you sure about that...

Fred said...

Don't worry the UTG has it all under control but that seems only to apply to the stand down pay

You will note employment is up but wages are down, that's called sweatshop Britain and we are joining up so it seems.

Editorial said...

Anon 7:26
Don't worry, by 2020 you X reg TX1 will have been off the road for at least 4 years under the present taxi age limit 15 year rule.

If you are still using it unplated, you will have to pay the deisel car charge and Congestion Charge, probably around £120 a week to bring this TX1 into London.

Anonymous said...

So they are nicking our rank spaces to implement a segregated cycle lane currently used by staff at there council offices.
The fact that these offices are moving and this new cycle lane will virtually be redundant has been completely overlooked by these Lycra clad nut jobs .

Johnny Ola said...

The taxi age limit and the reasons Boris Johnson gave for creating it have been proved to be incorrect and corrupt. We were told older taxis had to go and newer less polluting taxis such as euro5 were the way forward . This has now been proved to be a total crock - but have any of our so called trade leaders demanded the the Taxi Age Limit be scrapped?

The answer is NO.Yet some bleat and moan they are getting dug out. The reason they are getting it from drivers is because they are doing the bare minimum for their stand down pay and avoid the issues that are killing the trade off!