Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Award Mr George 'Johnny' Johnson (Dambusters) a knighthood....by I'mSpartacus

George 'Johnnny' Johnson served his country during the 2nd World War in Bomber Command as bomb aimer. In 1943, he joined the new elite 617 Squadron, now commonly known as the 'Dambusters'. 

George 'Johnny' Johnson is now the last surviving member of the Dambusters squadron who participated in that operation.

Air crews in Bomber Command were expected to complete 30 operations, mainly at night and very few ever achieved this, usually making the ultimate sacrifice with their life. 

George 'Johnny' Johnson continued to complete a further 20 operations with 617 Squadron, the required amount for a second tour of duty.

In recognition for services and contribution to his country by displaying unconditional courage and gallantry in the face of the enemy and an inspiration to all of his fellow countryman, we call upon Government and all politicians to unite and support the nomination of Mr Johnson in becoming a Knight.


Anonymous said...
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london_boy said...

My old dad often spoke about this man as he to was in bomber command
said he was a gentleman he didn't like Guy Gibson though thought he was an arrogant shit (his words not mine )had two of his crew confined to barracks for failing to salute him while he was in the O/C car when it was pointed out that he was not the O/Commanding he then had them done for failing to salute the flag on the pennant of the car.(that's how he told it to me )he went right through the war only to be KILLED by the NHS super bug 93 when he died and he never had a days sickness in his life .

Anonymous said...

We shalt not see their like again.