Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Are you happy with your licensing authority.....by Travis B.

Just incase you were under any illusion that TfL had our best interest at heart.

Parked outside Hamleys and in a matter of minutes they are all over it like flys around crap.

Yet a few hundred yards away, outside Selfridges, parked on Zig Zag lines, a licensed Taxi rank and a bus stop, electric rickshaws currently banned in London are left in peace to carry on ripping off the tourists and putting the public's safety at risk. 

Then we have the case of TfL taking legal action to stop the LTDA using their "intellectual property".

And yet Arthur doesn't even get a phone call to tell him to stop using ours for illegally plying for hire.

Also while we are on the subject of unlawful usage of intellectual property:
Why have compliance done nothing about the minicab operator in Victoria Road Ruislip, who openly advertises Taxi Private Hire, complete on TfL rounal in their front window?
I have made multiple complaints over a four year period. 


I did go in there some time ago and aked them to provide me with a Taxi. They said it would be five minutes. After waiting, a car arrived and when I said I wanted a licensed Taxi as advertised in the window, the counter assistant just smiled and shook his head. Then, like Elvis, I left the building.

London Taxis have just been given notice by Leon Daniels that any unauthorised signage on London's Taxis will result in action being taken by TfL.

One rule for us and it would seem and no rules for them!


Anonymous said...

Iam sure those ricksaw in the picture a electric powered. The one I saw Saturday went up a small incline without the driver pushing the pedals

Green badge jake said...

Apart from toothless LA who else do TFL answer to.Is it public accounts committee parliamentary transport committee. They should be brought before one of those and be forced to answer questions they behave like a millatary junta.

Hyman Roth said...

Two and a half years ago the trade was warned about a multinational organisation were looking to introduce these electric rickshaws to London as they had successfully done so in other capital cities worldwide...

Nobody listened!

Within the next couple of years either Carlyle Group or even Uber will make inroads with a veiw to take over LAP and main line station ranks...

Laugh this one off guys - but be warned reality is just around the corner and the existing incumbents of the existing trade organisations are not motivated enough to deal with the problems the London Taxi Trade faces!

BlackRat said...

There are many of rickshaws that without doubt that are electric, but I have never seen any enforcement out pulling them up, it's a complete free for all in the west end.

Tfl should be ashamed of themselves they are incompetent and not fit for London. I spoke to a westminster committee member and he said they are really pissed off we the rickshaws and have been trying to arrest them for noise pollution as the residence are always complaining about them, Though from his tone I don't think they are very successful. When I asked him about tfl he didn't really have a good word to say about them.

I did post a video on twitter with Boris saying they was about to be banned, but as usual with Boris and tfl it's all bollocks!

Seymour Clearly said...

We know that you peasants are not happy with us here at TfL, but what are you going to do about it?

Nothing as always, just whinge and bitch on this blogsite that only Taxicab drivers read, which suits us down to the ground, carry on boys and girls.... and SCRAP the idea about the receipt pads, and be on your way.