Saturday, July 26, 2014

Operation Simco: Taxi Flash Mob Demo 25/07/ Jim Thomas.

Just before midnight last night, hundreds of London Taxi drivers arrived in St James Square for a pre Flash Mob Demo meet up. The word had been put out via twitter's @TaG_Hit_Squad and @Flash_Demo accounts over the past week, with the final destination of the hit kept a secret till the very last minute. 

A forward command post was set up in Wardour Street, adjacent to the W Hotel. The target, the area around Wardour and Gerrard Street, normally infested and crawling with minicabs, a cesspit of illegal plying for hire and touting. As the barriers lowered into the Tarmac, with military precision, the signal was given and London's finest made their way to the location en masse.

This operation has been our most ambitious so far, with many believing it would be impossible to make much of a mark at this location. 

It didn't take long for the area to grind to a halt. The knock on affect turned Regent Street and Piccadilly Circus into a virtual car park. Drivers stood outside their Taxis, engaging with the public, explaining why the action was taking place.

The format of the Twitter Action Group (TaG) Hit Squad has in the past proved highly effective and had substantial results. Drivers from every section of the trade stood together in true unity. No one caring which org, or what colour lanyard, no egotistic leaders bleating about the size of their membership. Just concerned drivers ready to stand up and be counted.

Places the trade through had been completely lost to the touts have been clawed back.

Successive hits on Swallow Street has seen a marked decline in the number if unbooked touts lining up in the Regent Street bus lane and has resulted in the placement of the Heddon Street rank and Marshals being present on Friday nights.

Other successes in Clapham a High Street (new marshalled rank) and Smiths in Charterhouse Street has won a great deal of our work back from the touts.

Most notable by their absence last night were the authorities. With minicab related serious sexual assaults running at an all time high, compliance from police and TfL is almost non-existent.

We must not rest on our laurels, we have to make the authorities sit up and take notice.

Please follow the; 
@TaG_Hit_Squad and @Flash_Demo
for information of the next Flash Mob Hit.

Taxi Leaks would like to take this opportunity to thank Andy Simco for all the hard work put in to make last nights hit a success. His dedication to making London a safer place is inspirational.

And a special thanks to ever driver who put themselves out to attend. 


Anonymous said...

Quite remarkable, this is what can be achieved by a lone cab driver on no more than a shoe string . The UTG on the otherhand takes in 3 million in subs each year, have two newspapers and every possible resource at their fingertips, , unfortunately they are clueless how to utilise the resources they have positively for the good of the trade.

Yesterday the UTG announced they will organise two demo's in ten days, culminating on 8th October - details to follow...

You won't be reading these details in The Badge until the 15th September as the Lcdc doesn't print an issue in August and Unite pulled the plug on Cab Trade News some time ago.

So its all down to Steve McNamara and Taxi Newspaper to explain to the trade what the whole raft of issues the trade has with TfL... lets have it all out in the open this time Steve, so as we all know what you want us to turn out for??? the last time you organised a demo Steve, you couldn't make your mind up what we were all there for and the demo was a complete catastrophe!

I personally won't be turning out for anymore UTG demo's until the UTG publish ALL of the issues that need to be redressed with TfL!!!

I'm Spartacus said...

Well done the might fearless Simco and the gang, just back from a week off, now been busy cutting up Leon Daniels letter into little squares for the smallest room.

No doubt there will be a series of phone calls Monday from TfL to the UTG saying 'we thought we had a no demo deal?'.

I suppose the only truthful answer they can give is that the deal does not cover working cab drivers just the UTG committee kings.

Anonymous said...

I was amazed at the atmosphere in St James Square.
I stood a listened as the interviews were filmed.

We have some great drivers out there who, at a moments notice, willingly drop everything and turn up to fight for the trade they love.

When the signal came back and we all moved out, you could cut the tension in the air with a knife.

Great work to all who showed up and let's have another one soon.

Anonymous said...

Well done lads TFL. Need to get a grip our trade is the best in the world we worked hard to get here the UTG know more than there letting on Steve grant grow a large set of balls and lets have the biggest demo this city has seen if you can't then step down let someone who is not afrade of TFL you keep banging on that TFL are scared of UBER who are the UTG SCARED OF ???????????


simco said...

@BBCLondon949: Scotland Yard seeks inspiration from New York's Times Square as a 100-strong team of officers starts policing the West End
THE HIT on touts by The Best Taxi Service In The World had desired effect. Like I heard it ruffle the feathers of someone on the top of the ladder.
So now for THE HIT on touts at night in the City, or The Hi on Rickshaws in Oxford St ?
Thank you my fellows London Taxi Drivers

Anonymous said...

When is the next one?

Anonymous said...

Direct action is the only way forward. Saturdays flash demo caused the old bill a lot of operational problems in an area of London that has been custom designed to accommodate the needs of criminal scum from the four corners of the earth. This combined with weak policing strategies makes Soho and the surrounding areas a must for hit 2-3-4. In fact, lets go for TEN demo's and stretch the thin blue line ten fold for turning a blind eye while people get raped and murdered.

You don't need to join the UTG to get things done - all you need to do is to be willing to turn up and join in!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done to everyone who came along on Friday
We are not standing for the same old crap off the others
We will do this ourselves if we have to.