Monday, July 28, 2014

More Disruption From Boris And TfL, At The Hight Of The Season For Taxi Drivers.

Prudential RideLondon – Saturday 9 Augustand Sunday 10 August


On Saturday 9 August and Sunday 10 August 2014 the Prudential RideLondon event takes place in London and there will be road closures and changes to the road layout to accommodate the events.  


Once again there are four separate events and these are:

-        Freecycle – Saturday 9 August 2014 – this is a 10 mile route in central London

-        Grand Prix – Saturday 9 August 2014 – this is a series of races in St James’s Park

-        London – Surrey 100 – Sunday 10 August 2014 – this is the race for the general public that starts in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, goes out to Surrey and then ends on The Mall

-        London – Surrey Classic – Sunday 10 August 2014 – this is the same as the 100 race but for 150 top cyclists only



Maps showing the routes for the different events can be found here:

-        Freecycle route

-        Grandprix route

-        London – Surrey 100

-        London – Surrey Classic


Road closures

To allow the different events to take place some roads will be closed and details of where these will be, the closure times and when the roads are expected to reopen can be found in the leaflets available on our website here. Road closures for the events on Sunday will be in place from 05:00and roads will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so. Roads in east London are expected to reopen from 13:30 whilst in central London all roads, apart from The Mall, are expected to reopen by 20:00.


The Mall will be closed from 07:00 on Friday 8 August until 06:00 Monday 11 August.



A number of bridges in central London will be closed until the evening on Sunday 10 August but Waterloo Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge and London Bridge will remain open all day.


Tour of Britain – Sunday 14 September 2014


On Sunday 14 September 2014 the final stage of the Tour of Britain comes to London. There are two races in central London – a time trial and a circuit race – and both of these start and finish around Whitehall and go out to Tower Hill.


A map of both race routes is available here.


Road closures

Roads along and around the route will be closed to allow the event to take place and Westminster Bridge will also be closed. The first road closure will be from 03:00 and this will be Whitehall (northbound). From 07:00 Whitehall (southbound) will be closed and from 08:00 all roads on the route will be closed. After the event most roads are expected to be reopen at 19:30.




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MrT said...

Although an absolute pain all these closures are, i actually think they are a godsend to a degree because although we are having to constantly think about how to get our customers about, just think of the mayhem its doing to the business of the sat nav jockeys.

Its things like this that prove the worth of the knowledge and maybe just maybe its all doing us a bit of a favour!

mike said...

Wonder whether commissioner will evoke the riot act for disruption to central London?

Dan N said...

I'm pretty sure they built a really expensive velodrome a few years ago. Ideal for cycling. Let's shut down London instead.

Les said...

THEY SHOULD DO IT UP THE M1 ,IN THE OUTSIDE LANE,NO ROAD CLOSURES, this is a piss take remember last year

Anonymous said...

Too lazy to keep the momentum going... Stories about coffee shops and other dross is lazy journalism. You could have done so much more to identify the ineptitude of the UTG... enjoy what you think is a free coffee - your blog has paid the price in you're MUG!

Gerald Coba said...

When some one hates you, it's normally one of three reasons:

1. They see you as a threat
2. They hate themselves
3. They want to be you

Anonymous said...

We all know that the UTG are a bunch of gutless bottle job cowards and have been for the last 5 years.

Mark said...

your blog has paid the price in you're MUG!

Anonymous,I have read and reread the above a number of times and cannot make head or tail of it.In fact I defy anyone to make sense of it.Please can you explain what you were trying to convey.

And Jim...keep on keeping on mate,you do a fantastic job.

I am the passenger said...

Lol, , I'm in,and that's all that matters!!!