Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Letters To Taxi a Leaks Editor, Jim Thomas.

Dear Jim
Thanks for including my letter about the compliance officer who abused her power and stopped me working in Bulleid Way, Victoria. If you remember, as I was making my way through Bulleid Way to the RAFT, I was flagged down by a women getting off a coach, who I stopped for. An unmarked car then pulled across my path like a scene out of the Sweeney and a female stuck her hand through my window shouting "Compliance". She had no police or warranted officer with her, so had no right to stop me in this manner. I was livid as my fare was marched away from my Taxi by a tout minicab.

Well yesterday I got a letter from TfL saying that I had been reported for "Plying for hire" nothing else, no Plying on unauthorised standing, plying without a licence or unfit vehicle, simply "Plying for hire".
I didn't know that "Plying for hire" was an offence.

Well to cut another long story short, they've decided not to press forward with her complaint. It seems in their opinion, without hearing anything from me, they have decided I am guilty of an offence which they consider to be a one off. This incident is to remain on my record and I am threatened that any repeat could result in my licence being revoked. 

I am not happy with this and will be taking this further. I will of course keep you informed. 

Name and address withheld.

Letter from TfL licensing below:

Editors Comment:
Reading again the original letter and now this one, in our opinion, this is a clear case of harassment by the licensing authority TfL. A case of a compliance officer overstepping her limited power and actually stopping a driver, in the course of his/her legal right to "Ply for hire" (not yet an offence) and pick up passengers.

This is also a clear example as to why it's imperative that all drivers belong to a representative org or Taxi Union, doesn't matter which one as long as it can provided legal cover. You may never need it, but when you do, it's priceless. 

It's very clear that after recent unrest and direct action from within the trade, TfL are retaliating in a belligerent and vengeful manner towards licensed Taxi drivers.

Photo of the week:


The borough that allows this freakshow on a daily basis but wants to ban Taxis from using the A400!

Wonder if Leon Daniels has sent this fellow a legal summons for using LUL/TfL's intellectual property?



Keep em peeled said...

Another reason why every taxi should be fitted with a camera.
Would have showed clearly the no offense took place and the compliance officer over stepped her authority.

I'm Spartacus said...

Ed. Can you ask the writer to get in touch, I think it's time we took action against TfL on this one and demand on what grounds they have decided to keep the letter on file.

The letter is incorrectly drafted as a licenced taxi driver can indeed Ply for hire in the Metroplois without let or hindrance.

Let's put these STASI style tactics to bed once and for all.

Anonymous said...

I got the exact same letter for picking up ten yards from the rank at Victoria park which I was allowed to pick up from.(yb) women turfed out me cab at midnight and me done for touting 10 yards from the rank.
It must be one size fits all with these letters from the pco. There losing the plot.

Anonymous said...

If this happens to you and you are in a trade org then demand a face to face meeting with this Mr Patel.And inform him you will be represented at the meeting.Any half decent rep or brief will tear him a new one and have you leave with a written guarantee this will not be on your record.If not in an org,check your home insurance.You will probably be covered for legal advice regarding employment issues.

Anonymous said...

Jim, you are an ex committee member of the UCG, surely you can give advise to this guy. There are plenty of activists that should be able to give adequate advise... after all this is what you have all been waiting for... the opportunity to represent cab drivers.

Let's face it Jim, when the chips are down; you and the other pretenders are clueless about what to do!

Editorial said...

Thank you anon (lol) for your vote of confidence.
I have already spoken to someone who will be helping this driver even though he is not a member of any Org.

So please, don't lose any sleep as all is in hand.

Anon (lol), please don't confuse my blog with a trade representative body. As you quite rightly point out I am an EX committee member of the UCG, plus I am also an Ex committee member of the RMT, although I retain membership of both.

Taxi Leaks is just a vehicle to inform, not to represent.

We are here to report the news, not to make it.


KB said...

I'm just a knowledge boy at the moment so don't claim any expertise at this however aside from the fact that the driver appears to have been found 'guilty' of an activity that is not an offence and that he is allowed by law to do, surely the fact that he had a fare in the cab already makes 'plying' a logical impossibility?