Friday, June 27, 2014

Uber Now Using Illuminated Signage In Manchester...Will London Be Next?

The Post below was sent to Taxi Leaks Editor, from the Manchester Black Cab Trade Board. 

I believe this sign is Illegal, I've posted the relevant section of the 1981 Greater Manchester Act.

It is quite obvious what Parliament's intention was when this section was implemented. You must not trick the public into thinking you are a Licensed vehicle available for hire. 

The interesting additional feature of this sign, I am told, is that the light goes out when it is mobile with a passenger on board, just as a real Taxi hire light goes out in the same circumstances.

I will of course see that the matter is reported to the local authority, BUT, I doubt they will do anything about it.

It is just one more thing to be added to any further action we need to take against this failing authority.

    Source MCRBlackCab Proboards, posted by AcneDriver.


Anonymous said...

Soon in London! Boris will do NOTHING, still our friend is he Grant?

Anonymous said...

Grants too busy recruiting butter boys on twitter to care

Gerald Coba said...

LTDA have gone to ground again.
All the shouting before the last demo has come to nothing
The message was lost through bad management
The club made reference to weekly demos, and nothing.

TfL have regrouped and unloaded Taxi and private hire off into an out of the way, little known building, cramped with other insignificant departments

We need to strike now
No one is taking us seriously

Again it seems the UTG are looking with one eye to be taken back into the fold by Hendy and co

New man has taken up his position and the first thing he will do is re-establish an engagement policy which will see all further disruptive action, just a memory as Steve Grant and Kelly sell us out again.

Once bitten twice shy
Leopards never change their spots

Anonymous said...

What we need is a united trade, there are too many wings and bodies.

The RMT are one wing; the UCG another wing.

The UTG are another body.

The parts need to come together, then the headless chicken will be in one place!!!

Anonymous said...

Issue 320 of Taxi Newspaper features Lord Kitchener calling the trade to arms. Lest we should forget this poster led many thousands of men directly into the hands of 'The butcher of the Somme' Earl Haig.

Never trust anyone who uses this poster. It was originally designed for propaganda and RECRUITMENT purposes.

The trade has been had by the LTDA/LCDC in the biggest recruitment drive campaign the trade has ever seen!

Wake up and smell the coffee!

Anonymous said...

A good dose of the truth never does any harm

Anonymous said...

LTDA And Club.Had EVERY Driver Over Who Attended Demo.Day Before LCDC AGM.2 Days Later.Final Day Of Elections To LTDA.They Had NO Intention Of Carrying This On.Sorry Lads And Lasses.You Were Had Over Big Time.Dont Get Mean Get Even.Grant And Co Shysters,And Liars.LTDA Same.Only Add On LTDA Enterprises LTD.

Rev. (Unordained) V Haldady said...

Let not the cynical manipulation of some deflect from the sincere intentions of the working cab drivers who supported the day.

We all know the 'sincerity' of some of the so called leaders in the trade, when they were meeting TfL and could not even commit to telling their members what they were discussing and by their attendance condoning discrimination against other groups, they would not say a word of criticism about Hendy & co.

Now they have been ignored they decide to become 'militant' , it's as hypocritical as it is laughable.

'We shall know them by what they do'

Anonymous said...

In Manchester many times uber cars have been spotted with passengers in the car and the uber sign still illuminated.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 1:59

Maybe they are stalking the job?

Anonymous said...

Rather than put money into trade rags. Wouldn't it be more prudent, as a collective to put money into a decent PR firm. Who can market a 21st century cab service based on skilled and trained drivers.

Whilst all this ' in-fighting' is happening the competition will get a hand up.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.37 PM. We don't need a P.R. company to promote the trade. Cab drivers can help themselves by ditching the dirty t-shirts, vests, flip flops and Sunday at home shorts and lounge ware. London cabbies might know where they are going; but they have no pride in their appearance. I've seen better dressed men sleeping on park benches.