Sunday, June 01, 2014

Taxi and Private Hire law change will put the public in danger.... By Jim Thomas.

Unbelievably, baroness Kramer has come out in support of a relaxation in Taxi and Private Hire laws, that were put in place to protect public safety.

In most of the UK, only the licensee can drive a licensed minicab. But here in London a minicab driver can lend his vehicle to anyone. This has seen Cab related serious sexual assaults including rape statistics go through the roof.

Transport Minister Baroness Kramer said: "The Deregulation Bill will not put taxi passengers at risk and drivers will continue to have their backgrounds routinely checked. Councils will have strong tools to assess drivers’ and operators’ suitability and to carry out enforcement activity.

As London Taxi drivers know, proper enforcement from our licensing authority (TfL) is virtually non existent 

Baroness Kramer is hailing "the London experiment" has been a huge success. Unfortunately she is grossly mistaken.

There have been many minicab-related sexual assaults across Britain in the last year including places such as Cardiff, Birmingham and Nottingham, but nothing on the scale of Central London.

Last year, there were 37 serious sexual assaults, including rapes, in Manchester. But In London there were 71 just between April and November, considered by many as the quiet months, before the storm of the Christmas party season.

The Met Police have emphasised in the PoP report (Clapham), that figures given for minicab related sexual assaults only show those cases which were recorded as cab related sex crimes to police. In their opinion, these statistics relate to just 10% of actual assaults, as 90% of victims fail to report.

Taken these statistic as a whole, it would show that between April and November 2013, there were over 700 serious sexual assaults including rapes, carried out by sexual predators in minicabs.

This should have been a stark warning to the Baroness that, instead if relaxing the rules to make it easier for predators to find fresh victims, she should be looking to strengthening the conditions of fitness needed to obtain a PH licence. Public safety should always come before quick profit.

The Baroness's present stance will open the door to ride sharing apps such as Lyft. Already in trouble in the US for the amount of customer complaints against drivers.

See also this video from yesterday's Sky News.

Sky video

There are concerns over proposals to allow mini-cab drivers to loan their private taxis to family and friends when they are off duty. Sky's Anushka Asthana reports


Anonymous said...

Kramer is on the side of the corporates, if anyone thinks that this has worked on London, just ask the Met.

These people don't gic ve a monkeys about safety, it's jut £££££&

Anonymous said...

It begs belief Baroness is a patron of the Suzy Lamplugh Trust !!

Anonymous said...

Yes,this is the kind of support a £750,000 donation on behalf of the Carlyle Group can buy.
Let's not forget we have in office the most corrupt government in living history. Anything can be bought for a price... including the judiciary!!!

Anonymous said...

Your right, but I'm still gonna suggest that we let the Barroness know these stats and whilst at it, cc editors of newspapers In the Email to her
You never know.....

Anonymous said...

So Carlyle, Goldman Sachs,
Amazon & Google are pulling the UK Governments strings.

Maybe the great unwashed are right to attack.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if anyone realised

but this is a green light for lyft to operate in London.

Who's palm has been greased?

Anonymous said...

The irony is that Susan Kramer is a patron of the Suzy Lamplugh Trust and yet wants to allow anybody to pretend they are cab drivers

Anonymous said...

simple way to stop sexual assaults only give ph badge out to people who have at least ten years of history living in the uk and have no crim record check the figures on the people who have been convicted so far none would of been liecensed under this example

Anonymous said...

Er didn't we have an article on here from the lamplugh trust stating they opposed it - shouldn't some one grass this moron up to the trust - who do we tell??