Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Latest News From Taxi Leaks Towers....by NewsHound.

PH Topographic Test Corruption:

We are are hearing that a topographic test centre in E1 has been selling passes to prospective Private Hire Drivers. The test is already too easy. Time for a change


We just been informed that from July, the cameras attached to the screens on the M25 are to be electronically link. At present speed tickets at only issued to drivers exceeding the full limit. But from July, we are told the cameras will have the power to enforce the advertised speed.

News in that a certain councillor on Wandsworth council has raised an objection to the new rank on Northcote Road. The rank would be part of the Merton extension and open to both all London and Suburban drivers who have completed the Clapham extension. More details as they come in.

Congratulations to the drivers who have been working the night rank on Clapham High Street. We have been informed that so far, this has been a huge success. Best news is it's affecting the Private Hire Operator that used to illegally plying for hire at this spot...so again well done. 

TfL have made it clear that they will not be putting Taxi ranks outside the new CrossRail Stations. It seems they want to place bus stops outside of the stations to take  advantage of envisaged mass of new customers pouring into the capital.

West End Project – Tottenham Court Road Proposals:

We can't express just how important this consultation is. Camden Council want to exclude Taxis from Tottenham court road for most of the working day.
Camden, with funding from TfL are proposing to make Tottenham Court Road two-way for buses and cyclists only (from 8am-7pm, Monday to Saturday)

From 8am-7pm, Monday to Saturday local access for taxis, loading and setting down would only be allowed on short sections of Tottenham Court Road via side roads. This will mean that disabled passengers would need to find alternative ways of accessing the grater part of the road. This surely is unacceptable and we would hope disabled representative groups will support us on this issue.

The consultation is available to read >Click here< and responses to the consultation must be submitted by Friday 18 July 2014.

Consultation survey

Please read all sections of this website for information on the proposals, before you complete the >consultation survey<

Editorial Comment:
In the last two sections of this post, we see again TfL's refusal to accept that we are an important part of London's transport and are continuing their agenda devised at our demise.

Therefore it is imperative that you reply and have your say in Camden's West End Project consultation.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Hendy and Mr Johnson,

Many wheelchair users and other less ambulance people are of course taxpayers, why have you excluded us from using Crossrail?

Anonymous said...

GMB union posting the story about the topographic passes being sold off on their twitter page

Great work again Jim