Thursday, June 26, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Move to Faith Lawson House Westminster, Confirmed By Garret Emmerson: And there's more!!!

The long expected exile of TPH has now been officially announced to Staff at Palestra.

In a memo to staff, Garret Emmerson announced :

"As I am sure you know Palestra is busy. The number of colleagues based here has reached a level beyond that which we are able to comfortably accommodate. 
"After carefully considering a range of options at Surface Board, we believe the best option is to move our Service Operations Directorate to a refurbished Faith Lawson House in Westminster.
"Areas in other directorates that work in partnership on Service Operations projects will also co-locate to Faith Lawson House."
So, in line with the Surface Integration Program (SIP), Taxis and private hire will be moved to the Westminster building, along with  Project and Programmes Directorate, Finance, Commercial and IT staff supporting the business.
Along with appropriate Asset Management, Enforcement and on Street Operations and Planning staff. 
Also elements of Victoria Coach Station, River Services and (in their own words) customer experience, in relation to Cycle Hire Transformation and Road User Charging in relation to Group Planning.

Garret goes on to say:
"These changes will also allow us to achieve our long standing ambition to move the (EOS) traffic enforcement team into Palestra, to work alongside London Streets Traffic Control Centre (LSTCC) to focus on minimising congestion through effective enforcement."

So as predicted, the bus boys will be taking over Palestra.

We expect the refurbishment work to begin shortly, and staff to start to move in from October. Over summer we will work on plans of how to best use the space left vacant at Palestra

A member of staff who wishes to remain anonymous said:
They didn't even have the grace to contact each affected staff member personally. Emails were sent to managers which told them as some staff are not on line, print off and stick on notice boards.
It's disgraceful the way we've been treated.


Anonymous said...

We Need A Disgruntled!!!!??,Member Of Staff.To Let Us Know Whats Happening !?For Real.Not The Lies Hendy And Co Spin.
Wouldnt That Be Nice ?

Anonymous said...

"Faith Lawson House" is an anagram of "Whoa Faultiness". And "White Anus Loofahs"

Deep Throat said...

Another exclusive ed.

TfL. Must be bewildered, well Mr Hendy the answers simple! you treat your junior staff with the same contempt you do the cab trade and the people of London, they watch everything your cronies do.

Will their be a counter service at the 'refurbished' building so we can get issues resolved?

On second thoughts don't answer we can already guess and we will find out anyhow!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should rename this place

Apparently she likes a bunker.

Tinker Taylor. said...

Oh dear Mr TtT, you've got the management running around in a right huff.

Anonymous said...

I saw Rachael Grundy leaving a house in St George's Squate the other night
Was hoping she would flag me down
She did give me a little smile as if she knew I'd recognised her
Would love to have had a chat