Thursday, June 26, 2014

Are TfL Digging In For A Fight? Jim Thomas

It's been alleged that TfL are to batten down their hatches after fears that a United Taxi Trade could be regularly protesting outside the Blackfriars offices of Taxi and Private Hire. TPH are to be farmed out to a little known building, tucked away discreetly behind New Scotland Yard.

Plans to move the whole department, were leaked weeks ago, but were unconfirmed. 
Confirmation emerged yesterday afternoon on social media by a well known Union with links to a Private Hire.

From this October, TfL's controversial Taxi and Private Hire department moves in to Faith Lawson House, another TfL building, situated in the narrow Dacre Street. 

The entrance to the narrow street can be closed off in seconds by a single officer.

Already dubbed "Hendy's Bunker", should this defensive move start alarm bells ringing as to what TfL have in store for the Taxi trade later this year?


Anonymous said...

It's like we are going back to the old days.
Not many drivers left in the trade now who can remember the bunker in Black Prince Road

Though we were being accused of not moving into the 21st century, now Hendy is dragging us back to when the knowledge was done on foot, or by push bike.
Didn't Boris just say you can't dis invent the future?

Anonymous said...

Rumour is cycle hire moving in there too. What we call cosy rather than cramped....Ha no posh canteen for them to hide in

I'm Spartacus said...

Quite what Boris was on about is anyone's guess , probably even his!

As we quite rightly say it's immaterial what method is used to engage a Taxi, be it an App., Data on a terminal, Voice Radio or Carrier Pigeon.

PH Work must be pre booked and recorded by a licensed operator prior to despatch, anything else is Plying for Hire and that for Licensed Taxi's only.

All the spin from TfL about 'these laws are very old' etc is hogwash. The Ten Commandents and Magna Carta form the basis of the Law, is Hendy saying they no longer apply?

The Law is sound and fit for purpose, it's the enforcement authority TfL that isn't!

Anonymous said...

Not a problem. As it has been identified, Hendy has a personal vendetta with London taxi drivers-isn't it time we made it personal with him at his private residence where he has sex with prostitutes in his marital bed.

If it's ok for Hendy to endulge himself on prostitutes at his residence in Saint Georges Sq SWI, which incidently is illegal; an ad hock flash mob demo at this location is fair game I would say!!!