Thursday, May 29, 2014

When Is A Minicab, Not A Minicab? When It's Avoiding Congestion Charge.

Boris puts up Congestion Charge And Goes After Non-Payments From Forgein Embassies.

But some motorists are fighting back. Many have registered their vehicles as Private Hire Cars and avoid paying a weekly £70 in congestion charges. 
As TfL do not check to see if the vehicle is being used for the purpose it is licensed, the scam is flourishing.

We expect to see a lot more vehicles licensed as minicabs after the news Boris was to increase the congestion charge, to pay for a new cycling superhighway.


Boris himself has a history when it comes to non payment of the congestion charge:
Before his election to the Mayors office, Boris agreed to test drive the Kia on behalf of the Guardian newspaper. After test driving a Kia Picanto for five days, it transpired Boris had accrued five London congestion charge fines.

Boris eventually left the car outside the paper’s London HQ, Grays Inn Road, where it was ticketed, clamped and finally towed away.

This from the Mail Online 3 June 2011:
Fans of London mayor Boris Johnson applaud his gumption in tackling President Obama (during the state visit) about the U.S. Embassy’s £5.5million of unpaid London congestion charges. 

But What Do They a Think Of Boris At Kia The Korean Carmaker? 
Six years ago, after test driving a Kia Picanto for The Guardian, Boris clocked up five London congestion charges. 

Then he left the car outside the paper’s London HQ, where it was ticketed, clamped and towed away. 

A Kia source said: ‘This cost us the best part of £500. He drove it into town every day, didn’t bother paying the congestion charges, then dumped it.’

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Anonymous said...

Might be worth asking how TFL monitor the process they have to ensure PH are checked and are legal ?

Maybe even an FOI to Boris