Thursday, April 24, 2014

Time To Bring TfL To Book: But Will You Answer The Call?

We've all heard about the mass drive-in at the Shard on the 6th of May and many have pledged their full support.
But there appears to be some drivers who are saying it's not going to work, as there is also a tube strike on that day and most of the drivers will be too busy taking money to attend any demo.

Is this what it really boils down to, a busy days wages?

It's time for drivers to stopped thinking about today, and start thinking about if they actually want a tomorrow!

Tube workers, who would be entitled to double-time plus a day off later in the year for working on the May-Day bank Holliday, will be getting set to strike for five days in the coming weeks over the ongoing dispute over ticket office closures.

Surely now is the perfect time for the Taxi trade to take action. 

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union will be walking out at 9pm on Monday April 28 for two days and from 9pm on Monday May 5 for three days. 

Your trade is asking you to give up, possibly a couple of hours max. And, it's too busy really isn't the answer.

Either you want the Taxi trade in London to continue...or you just roll over and let them take it from you...because it's a bit busy on that day.

This statement from Twitter:
The LTDA has promised action over TfL's non-enforcement of regulations concerning the Uber App.
Surely now would be the perfect time to bring London to a standstill. 

Great talking again from the LTDA, but will they put their money where their mouth is and support a united trade mass demo?

The RMT's action is in response to a continuing row over the planned closure of ticket offices which will result in the public being put at risk plus subsequent job losses. 

The LTDA say their case centres around smart phone app technology and TfL's reluctance to enforce regulations and Taxi law, which if left unchecked, will seriously jeopardise the future of the London taxi trade.

We have seen nothing but belligerent hypocrisy from TfL over enforcement matters since our Olympic troubles. At that time, the trade was literally sold down the river by the representative bodies who were involved in the gagging order known as the engagement policy. 

The promise of a Cabbies Cabinet board was hastily dropped after the Olympics, because TfL could see no viable opposition from the Cab trade and now feel they can do what ever they like to us.

After a recent self inflicted shake up of TfL, LTPH was kicked into touch and along with the cable car and Boris bikes, been bundled into Surface Transport. We have been pushed as far away from their prestigious buses and tubes as possible. 

We've recently seen on the MayorWatch blog, the contemptuous way they are now handle FOI requests (tell them nothing) and in some cases refusing to answer any question whatsoever. 

This may not seem to be immediately relevant to the Taxi trade but if your read the article it clearly shows how TFL deliberately try to avoid releasing any information and manipulate what they do release.

The RMT's acting general secretary Mick Cash has said that an opportunity to resolve their dispute through eight weeks of talks hosted by Acas, has not only been missed, it has been sabotaged.

He went on to say:
‘As a result, RMT has no option but to put on further strike action in the expectation that the management will now halt these dangerous cuts plans and engage in meaningful and serious talks on the future of a tube network running at full tilt, with further demands in the pipeline, which needs more staff and not less to operate safely.’

Members of Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (TSSA) have also voted to go on strike in a separate dispute over wages and pensions.

TfL need to be bought to book. 
The 6th of May will be the start of a number of trade actions where you will be asked you step up to the plate and take to the streets en-masse.

Will you answer the call?


Wotcher said...

Afraid to say it gets worse Ed.

It appeared plain to anyone who read The Badge that the LCDC has called for a demo at the Shard.

Apparently the LCDC is only 'supporting' the demo rather than leading it and now it's rumoured that LDCD is now saying drivers should turn up as drivers on their own account!

What's happened?

Have the club committee been approached by TfL or someone in the trade close to TfL to backpedal?

We need to know TODAY, over to you LCDC.

Anonymous said...

Did the UTG answer the call,when we had "Scrap the Satellites Stop the Rapes" demo at Oxford Corcus!!!

No they didn't .....

Spineless Cowards!!!

Jack from Mons said...

With taxi ranks disappearing at a rate of knots, it's time to ask "what exactly do the Joint Ranks Committee do"
Other than pay themselves down time to meet up?

Who really controls the agenda at meetings.

Who do they meet with?

And what have they actually done since the engagement policy was formulated?

Anonymous said...

Oddy back from Holiday said
What United Trade Demo

Over my dead body.

Seat on board of TfL
Director of Audit committee
Director of Health and safety committee

Oddy's position as general secretary or LTDA is seriously compromised

Executive committee is an invite only set up, where no one has been elected on. Same old faces same old agenda.
Cut off their supply of easy money, stop paying subs now or nothing will change.

LTDA will never support a United Trade Demo while Oddy is on Board of TfL
He has too much to lose.

ClaptonO said...

The demo/drive in at the Shard on the 6th from 2pm on the same day as Tube ticket office closure strike should be coordinated with Drivers filling all the Train Station taxi ranks and refusing to work till 4pm, this could be done by the more militant drivers and hopefully stop the " I can't be bothered brigade" and also raise awareness of the public all over London what is really going on with TFL. It does not take long for Paddington Station to come to a standstill.
This kind of action can be done after the 6th May as well in morning & evening rush hours, all drivers can afford to lose 2 hours work once a week? I for one will support all action carried out by London Taxi drivers

Anonymous said...

Seing John Mason's ugly mug in The Badge every month for the last five years is reason enough for me not to support anything Grant Davis's LC Vichy is involved with!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Editor,

Will those drivers who get arrested under the terrorism act, get the full legal backing of the LTDA,UNITE, and the VICHY, even if they are not a paying member?

Could a spokesperson for the UTG make a comment to clarify.

Anonymous said...

I think we should hold off with a demo and earn some money while the tube strike is on.
No drivers have taken any action at all for the last few years so there is no hurry.
Lets get some quick cash while we can.
If we start taking action when we could be earning people will start to think we are not small minded selfish idiots