Monday, April 14, 2014

Statement Put Out By London Private Hire Car Association .

@TfLTPH News Release - TfL invites trades to help shape regulatory framework for taxi and private hire apps 
Click here for TfL Press Release - re Smart Phone Apps.

We’re surprised that TfL TPH issued a Press Notice about Cowboy Cab Apps whilst legal proceedings & discussions are taking place.

We want Trade Bodies (Taxi & PHV) to work together and will be launching a campaign called Keep Cabs Safe to combat Cowboy Cab Apps

We will be issuing further information about our battle to combat Cowboy Cab Apps to members as soon as legal restrictions are lifted.

We welcome news @TheLTDA has started pre action protocol for Judicial Review - Summonses to be issued imminently against a Cab App

A packed LPHCA Platinum Members Meeting where Cowboy Apps and those operating illegally are debated.

Source: Statement put out on Twitter.


Gerald Coba said...

I can answer that question in one

TfL are trying to scupper any legal action

There is definitely corruption that has taken place.

This has to be investigated properly and mustn't be a white wash just to save the faces of Oddy and Wright.

They are on the board, they knew what was going on

They should resign

Anonymous said...

So while we wait for LTDA general Sectretary to come back off his holidays
And while we wait to see if the UTG will offere an olive branch to excluded orgs
And while we wait to see if Grant can get his picture taken

Why wait, take out an injunction

LTDA said Uber is operating illegally
TfL said Uber is operating illegally

So shut then down

What are you waiting for?

Xenon said...

Oddy has too much to loose
Not on,y does he get £24k for his position on TfL board , he is also on the health and safety committee
Plus he is a director of TfLs audit committee.

Bet that comes to a nice few bob, Bob.

Mass demo led by LTDA?
I'll believe that when I see it.

Veritas said...

It's TfL that needing taking to court for a statutory declaration for failing (once again!) to enforce the law.

Will the LTDA do that with Oddy being paid by TfL?

Will the LCDC point this out and campaign about it?

Will UNITE decide whether it's a trade union or a poodle of Woodfield Road?

Don't bet your house on it!o