Wednesday, April 02, 2014

MetroCab To Be Trialled In London During Summer Chris The Cabby

It's amazing how quickly some people can change their mind. In just a few weeks we see opinions go from: 
"A complete green dream these politicians have, that don't live in the real world"


"They haven't ask one Taxi driver. They've turn up here today and said this is what you want, well no ones asked me"


Then low and behold, six weeks later, after being invited to a day out and a jolly up with the "lads", opinions completely changed to...
"I'm a great fan of electric vehicles, I think it's the future."
"It's like nothing that I've experienced before and I was just so impressed."
"I think with the MetroCab it gives the trade in London, a future".

Least We Forget:
These vehicles have absolutely no durability testing as of now. How good will the electric power train be after 2 years or 5 years?
Who is going to gamble £50k and find out?

Leading OEMs like Toyota have spent 20 years or more and billions of pounds developing their electric vehicle technology and experienced huge problems along the way, some of which have resulted in serious problems and massive recalls.

Fancy a gamble with your entire livelihood?
Guess who picks up the bill if it does go wrong?
You can guarantee it wont be Boris; he’ll be long gone.

With thanks to Dave Davies.

Editorial Comment
Yes, the MetroCab was always going to be a quieter drive, you don't need an NVQ in engineering to work that one out. It was also going to be smoother ride than a TX4. But then so would a ride in a Toyota Prius.

At around 50k with a huge question mark over the reliability of the battery pack modules, this could be the biggest gamble you could make.

The range quoted by Fraser Nash sounds fantastic but, batteries do not run at optimum performance for the duration if their life. Batteries only have a finite recharging life span.  Just think about a new mobile phone and how you get less charge as the months go buy. 

Surprisingly, the first ever mechanical Taxis in London were electric. 
The Bersey was known as the “Hummingbird” from the sound of the Taxi and the yellow and black livery. 

The electric Taxi was launched at a South Kensington motor show in 1896 and first appeared on the streets in 1897. As a publicity stunt, they took part in the London to Brighton race. But because of their limited range, spent most of the 60 miles on board a train and only appeared at the start and the end of the race.

On the streets of London, the vehicle would work until the batteries became low, then return to the re-charging stationBatteries were then replaced using a hydraulic lifting system that took just 2-3 minutes.

 Electricity was expensive to generate so the company started producing their own at great expense.

However, after 6 months of use, the noise and vibration escalated. Vibrations damaged the delicate glass plates, the tyres wore out incredibly quickly given the 2 tonne weight of the cab. Breakdowns were frequent. Horse drawn cabs were often faster as well.

Two years after their debut the Bersey taxis disappeared from the roads. Taxis were not the only vehicles Walter Bersey designed. He designed a range of private electric vehicles but none are know to have survived.

In our opinion, the technology as it stands today, is not suitable for a modern Taxi trade. 

Other Green News: 
By transport correspondent Glen Alutto.

Boris has announced funding for new police vehicles.
The design is said to be a consequence of the all new Ultra Low Emissions Zone.

Plus TfL compliance officers are to get new zero emission vehicles.

Also before purchasing an electric vehicle, Taxi drivers should first consider the health risks associated with sitting on top of a battery power pack, emitting an electro magnetic force field for 8 to 10 hours at a time.

What you let your family live under an electricity pylon? 
Of course there will be reports that these power packs are safe, just as many years ago, we were told smoking is good for you.

But do you want to gamble with your health?


Jack from Mons said...

How can anyone take what this bunch say at face value.
Nothing has changed with this vehicle
No one asked what we want

The infrastructure is not in place to support fast charging point.

Only a fraction of the trade would be able to charge at home.

Statistics have been pulled out of thin air about savings of £9,000 per cabbie per year.

And suddenly these drivers, who sold the trade out as members of the benign group known as the United trade group, have unexplainable changed their opinion in a matter of just a few weeks.

Wouldn't have anything to do with big advertising contracts in the Taxi and Badge, by any chance?

Funny how no one asked Peter arose his opinion!
Is that because the CTN is no longer in print?

Anonymous said...

Don't think any of this mob could be taken seriously, after the way they sold us out for seats at the table during the Olympics.

What suddenly changed from
" I'm not buying one", "nor am I"
To "this gives the trade a future"?

Be interesting to see the adverts, back to back with the Merc and LTC. They can't be happy.

The bonus is there will be less space in their papers for their propaganda and other rubbish.

Anonymous said...

what about the supposedly free merc some one drives about in will that have to go back

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more than with comments 1 and 2... they, along with the editorial comment nips it in the bud - this pair of incompetent fools who do not represent, nor speak for the trade couldn't raise a single question about lifespan of the electric cell, infrastructure to support it, or reliability testing underlines how useless they really are. The best they van come up wiv is ah mutch ?

Looks like Trigger is going to have to ghodt write a new editorial for Grant.

Anonymous said...

I want one and I want now, got to get out of this shit cart tx4 and don't want to invest in the Vito. Over £200 on diesel a week is a travesty.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:40
What you think electricity is free?

They've just started charging the fools who paid 20 odd grand for the silly little electric cars, £10 pound to charge up.

Wait until you get your bill off your energy supplier.

Don't like the TX then wait fir the Nissan, it's going to be the next Taxi for London

If Boris cycles everywhere how come he's fatter than a taxi driver mum? said...

Toyota are world leaders in electric cars. They are going to hydrogen fuel cell this year. Nissan have been caught on the hop, they are rushing to go straight to hybrid if their plans don't change again. We've already had diesel and petrol engines announced. Metrocab! If they are such an established well backed tech savvy company how come they only spent a tenner on the video. Saw the clown in the boot routine at the circus about thirty years ago. Lti geely had it sewn up until they thought they could take the money without providing the product. Mercedes tried but started from a piss stained sheet. What we need is Nissan JAPAN to take over and start swinging the katanas around in Nissan EUROPE. Then we will get a taxi to match the TX1 engine. And Farage won.

John Horn said...

These two jokers have been got at with promises of advertising revenue.

How can anyone take these two seriously.