Monday, April 07, 2014

Hailo backtrack over minimum fares.

This today on the Hailo blog.

New minimum fare update - driving more jobs
Posted in Driver Community | by Hailo Team | April 7, 2014

As you know it’s been a quiet time in the taxi industry of late, and to help change this, Hailo will be reducing its minimum fares to drive more jobs your way - especially in-between the rush hours.

We have listened to feedback from drivers and passengers alike and the results are clear. The £15 overnight figure was too high and the £8 minimum during the workday was putting people off using black cabs for business.

So, starting tomorrow at 10am passengers will be told there is no minimum fare in the work day and it’s a simple, flat £10 at all other times.

Guaranteed fiver for the driver

Hailo has put five million jobs in taxis over the past two years so we know from real data that very few fares are under £5, but if you do get one of those during the work day, don’t worry, we will always guarantee you £5 minimum by making up the difference on any job. You’ll see the money in your weekly statement as usual.



Paul said...

Stand by your beds

So Hailo want 10% of your tip?

Jog on Russ.

Pot Kettle said...

Yes they will do the rest alright!

Only some much juice in any orange, still drivers have their say on HAILO, they don't want to be accused of being undemocratic like DaC do they?

Anonymous said...

How about Hailo reduce their 10% charge to 5% to encourage drivers to cover the lost work the boys are fretting about.

Anonymous said...

IT was not bad in the beginning but it's a load of crap now.
Hailo R.I.P

Anonymous said...

drivers ask youself this question are you a taxi driver or a mini cab driver because if you work on hailo you might as well get yourself a ford galaxy

Dualit said...

Another string to your bow not the bow itself.

Remember the street hail, fail to serve it and we will be toast.

Anonymous said...

How about Hailo add the £2 online charge and don't charge the drivers nothing. They get £2 a ride and we pay nada. Also meter down on arrival.....

Anonymous said...

Kicked me off for not doing enough jobs to their liking, leaving me stranded with no means to take a credit card at the Airport. No warning this was about to happen, they can now do one!

Anonymous said...

So many "Head in the sand " comments,what is the article above this one all about?

Anonymous said...

It is not about heads in sand, that what we did for years prioritising radio over street work which left us wide open.

Over to you about if you want to be a minicab or taxi driver.

A mix of both but priority to the street is the best option.

Don't be myopic.