Saturday, April 26, 2014

Flash Mob At The Shard, Give Shangri-La Hotel A Taste Of Things To Come?

After the news was tweeted by the LTDA that TfL enforcement cameras were to be erected outside the entrance to the shard, plus details of new parking restrictions were also put out by Unite, disgruntled drivers decided to staged an impromptu demonstration last night. Using a selection of social media platforms such as Twitter, Texting, FaceBook and What'sApp, Licensed Taxis from all trade Orgs turned up "En Masse" and completely flooded St Thomas Street, forming a massive rolling rank.

Amazingly, (and to a lot of drivers surprise) every cab that came along, went away with a job.

But even more amazing was the way the demonstration was heavily supported. As cabs hailed by customers leaving from the Shard left, they were immediately replaced by more taxis. As soon as space became available, Taxis turned into St Thomas Street to take up the slack.

Based on tactics used during the Olympic dispute by the UCG and seen at the St Paul's Grange hotel followed by St Johns Wood circus, flash mob demos can prove very effective.

The most exciting aspect, is that a flash mob can be arranged secretly in just a few hours. The word can then be spread throughout the trade in minutes.

One thing last nights action proved, was the amount of work that comes out from the Shard requiring real Licensed London Taxis, the best Taxi service in the world.
This work is presently being syphoned off by the in-house operator with the complete assistance and blessing of TfL top brass such as Daniels and Hendy.  

In the upcoming GLA review of TfL, we need answers to these questions:
Why is Leon Daniels deeply involved with the placement of the Taxi rank at the Shard?
Why is Leon Daniels adamant there will not be a suitable rank outside the entrance to the Shard?
What connections are there between TfL management and PH satellite operators?

Well done to all the drivers who supported this action. Together, we can do this. United we are unbeatable. 


Video from last night copy and paste this link

More video here:

And here


Jack from Mons said...

A lot of drivers will be asking...Why Now?
Why didn't we see this type of action from the UTG during the Olympics?
What has changed since then?
Is this purely over the dropping of engagement policy?

Will Oddy sanction a truely united demo against his bosses at TfL.

Don't make me laugh!!!

Veritas said...


Simple, they tried collaborating and apart from being despised by those who knew better, they ended up being treated with contempt by TfL, as we know no one likes crawlers even those crawled to.

Anyhow now the Club are running to catch up and last nights flash mob wreaked havoc with their carefully laid PR plans for the 6th and GD had to go into overdrive on twitter to try and claim some credit!

Pathetic and a sad reflection on a once proud and dynamic organisation.

Anyhow well done to the drivers and let's have more of this, let's have the sdVan with Hendy and the mayor's ugly mugs on there demanding resignations.

Will Oddy allow it?

Will there be a 'come and talk' charade invite to tthe 'usual suspects' by Boris and the trade destruction team at TfL?

Anonymous said...

Supposedly Addison Lee have run all of the satellite offices within the shard... If this is true the trade has just had its first turf war with the Carlyle Group - as was predicted TfL would bend over backwards to accomodate this corporate monster. Much ado has been made about the Google backed app Uber - The likes of the Carlyle Group and Uber don't want a stake in transportation; they want it ALL... Stations, hotels, airports and anywhere else they can site operations to squeeze a coin.

It's interesting MacNamara has played the LTDA center stage threatening legal action over the Uber issue... I wonder how long it will be before MacNamara and his UTG friends run for the hills when they realise Uber and the Carlyle Group with the help of TfL could potentially bankrupt the trade organisations and Hailo if they collectively throw their resources together to take on these corporate backed companies?

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with Addison Lee.Addison Lee have never endorsed bookings through 3rd parties.
If they were involved,i can assure you that I would be plotted up there every night.
As it is,the majority of Addison Lee drivers support you lads and lasses in your justifiable protest.
Addison Lee have no hotels,restaurants or clubs that use us exclusively,because we will not pay commission to doormen or managers.
Out of interest,what are the offices that practice this?
all the best on your protests.

Anonymous said...

So now you are marching to the beat of the Lcdc drum, accommodating Grant Davis's guilt trip manipulation to force you to censor unfavorable comments directed at the Lcdc. One scanky flash demo and he's making demands. What about the four long years he pimped out The Badge to John Mason, Helen Chapman and sucked up to Boris Johnson and TfL. Did he listen to taxi frivers who viewed this as treachery - NO he didn't, he has done nothing to galvanise the trade and never will. Davis doesn't like neing confronted by the truth. Believe me the UTG have lost members in there droves... don't be yaken in by this trade traitor!

Anonymous said...

sad that taxis servicing a major london land mark properly is now classed as some sort of demo pathetic

Anonymous said...

Ok Jim, the Lcdc are playing the unity card... write an article asking them to be instumental in organising a unity meeting and see what happens. And don't use Oddy as an excuse this time !

Anonymous said...

Well done Jim, great comments put up by the drivers who clearly know what's going on.

It makes you wonder when on average 20 sexual assaults/ rapes take place in PHV vehicles p/week that the once proud club sat back and done sweet fa, they where in full support of satellite offices and clip board jonnies as mentioned in STaN.

And now they have the audacity to complain about the illegal ranks outside the SHARD!

Is there an AGM coming up at the VICHY? Are they losing members?

Do not be intimidated Jim.

Editorial said...

Anon 351 pm
It has everything to do with Addison Lee
Allegedly, Addison a Lee recently bought London Executive cars.
This is the operator chosen to service the a Shard Building.


Gerald Coba said...

Surprised at some of the comments on this post.
Don't let the past , ruing our future. But respect to team for posting them. Freedom of speech should always win through even through there are a lot if drivers posting who should really think before pressing publish.

Make peace and move forward. Don't dwell in the past.
Lessons have been learned and as they say, once bitten twice shy.

Why should drivers who presently don't belong to any org join up, when all that ever happens is another argument breaks out.
Just seen Steve wrights letter. Just think what 90,000 drivers can do if they unite.