Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Ex Transport Minister Steve Norris, To Join Minicab App, As Advisor To The Board

Former Transport Minister Steven Norris, after using Uber from Terminal 5 to Central London, recently tweeted that "apps are the future". Norris has now firmly nailed his colours to the mast and jumped aboard the minicabit boat.

Following its recent success to win a £75,000 investment on Dragons’ Den, minicabit announced that Steven Norris is to join them as Advisor to the Board.
(Gonna need a bit more than 75 grand then)

Norris was previously a Minister of Transport, Board Member of Transport for London, Mayor of London candidate and has also held a number of top executive roles across the UK transport sector. 

Currently Norris is President of ITS (UK), the public/private sector body, that promotes developments in transport technology.

Regarding his role at minicabit, he said : 
“As we move deeper into the digital age, the UK private hire sector still remains one of the last transport modes to be bookable online. At the same time, the app and web market for booking cabs is pretty fragmented, with some options if you’re in central London but little else for the rest of the UK".

In the past allegedly, the minicab app circumnavigated the need for a PH licence by claiming not to be a minicab operator. They operate as a third party middleman, similar to a price comparison website, with an app.

The company have a history of disregarding the laws and legislation when it comes to the use of the words Taxi and Cab in their promotional material. 

After complaints were made about this sign at the O2, LTPH said nothing could be done as at the time of the complaint, the company was not licensed as a PH operator and was in fact only a third party booking agent.


Anonymous said...

Look up Jarvis Rail

Anonymous said...

Another old school Tory chisler, much the same as Tim Yeo. The likes of Norris will jump on anything he can earn a coin from... Why would a mini cab app recruit the likes of Steve Norris ?
Could it be he holds the keys to the same political back door as Tim Yeo ?

Rev. (unordained) Vaclav Haldady said...

National standards (standards my arse!) for PH as described in the Law Comm.

'Prepare ye for the day of judgement is at hand'.

Anonymous said...

Snake in the grass always hated the cab trade

Was always going to be on the other sude