Tuesday, March 11, 2014

TfL 'improving' Elephant & Castle, allegedly....by Transport Correspondent, Glen Alutto.

Radical changes at the northern roundabout will reduce the impact of traffic and make the area feel cleaner and greener?!?

The proposals include the removal of the roundabout and creation of a major new public space. The changes will balance the needs of drivers more evenly with those of pedestrians and cyclists.

But just who will you benefit from these changes?

As a Taxi driver, it won't be you!

Removing the roundabout will make journeys through the junction much slower & create HUGE amounts of congestion in every direction, as you won’t be able to turn left from Newington Causeway into New Kent Road or turn right from New Kent Road into Newington Causeway.


This is how we see the improvements turning out.
It could all end in tears.

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Anonymous said...

The only way they could improve the elephant and castle is to have someone on foot, dodging in and out of the traffic, handing out £50 notes to cab drivers.

Then, I'm sure we wold all see it as an improvement!!