Saturday, March 29, 2014

Taxi Drivers Threaten Industrial Action Over Deregulation Bill 2014.

Taxi drivers around the country have threatened to take industrial over controversial plans to amend rules regarding taxi drivers set out in a new bill before Parliament. Meanwhile in London, not a single word from the LTDA, London Taxi drivers largest representative organisation, with an alleged 10,000 membership. 

On Tuesday the Government (who have made the statement, there is no time left under this parliament to debate the Law Commission report) had a committee vote to push the Deregulation Bill 2014 through to the next stage, which will effectively fast track the controversial plans.

GMB, the union who represents both Hackney Carriage and Private hire drivers, say the introduction of unregulated taxi drivers, ending criminal records checks, vehicle checks and local licensing, will be a hammer blow to the taxi and private hire industry.

The union says that it cannot rule out direct action by members over changes to laws on taxis government included in the 2014 Bill.

Mick Rix GMB National Officer said: “One of the amendments related to operators granting licences that could be used in other areas is that someone in Newcastle could grant a licence to someone who may then work in Preston.

“That means checks can’t effectively be enforced in another area. They wont be checking vehicles or drivers. Its a transport safety nightmare.”

Mark Selly, of Preston Hackney Carriage Association, added:
 “CRB checks are the thin edge of the wedge. Preston has 187 Hackney licences, if they deregulate that restriction who knows how many there would be, its a threat to workload, takings and people just doing their job.”


Anonymous said...

While the union members around the country backwaters are fighting to protect their living, the London drivers will be looking to see if yellows are working in town and too busy talking boll##ks in the cafe.

"London is different" the stickers on the back windscreens say.

You bet your life it is. Its full of mugs too far up their own arses to even be bothered to get organised to protect their living. They think they should get what they want by right because they run a few runs correctly once upon a time. A rude awakening is on the horizon and the screams will be deafening, only they will be too late to change a thing.

Anonymous said...

The fact that this thread has been on here for twelve hours and this is only the second comment ( both by me) proves how conceited the London cab trade is. The bubble is very close to bursting and nobody seems to give a xxxxt. Oh well you reap what you sow I suppose.
Good luck down the job centre chaps.

Editorial said...

Quite untrue Anon,
We've had dozens of replies for this post, as we do for all postings, but unfortunately they contain unsubstantiated attacks on certain individuals or overly embedded with profane comment.

It would seem that a handful of drivers are posting attacks on each other no matter what the subject of the post, these take time, every day to sort through.

Plus unfortunately some are lost in spam folder which is a common problem with AOL.