Sunday, March 23, 2014

Private hire drivers probed over claims they're going to the toilet on quiet cul-de-sac while working

    Driver caught with his trousers down

An investigation has been launched into claims minicab drivers are using a quiet cul-de-sac as a ‘drop off’ point - to defecate while on shift.

Police and council chiefs are probing allegations from residents of Parksway, Blackley, who say drivers have been parking at the end of their street and emptying their bowels on the road for several months.

One minicab driver is due to appear before Manchester Council’s Licensing Sub Committee on April 3 after being pictured at the spot squatting beside his car with his trousers around his ankles.

When interviewed by town hall officials the driver, who has not been named, is understood to have said he was in that position as he had ‘cut himself shaving’.

He was working for Cheetham Hill-based Alpha Cars when the photograph was taken last month and could lose his Private Hire licence when he faces the committee.

Police are also investigating an alleged showdown between another driver and a disgruntled resident on February 13 when the cabbie was seen unbuttoning his trousers at the controversial spot.

After being confronted by the resident the driver is alleged to have threatened him with a steering wheel lock before driving off.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed enquiries into the incident are ongoing.

Mum-of-three Laura Robertson, 36, who has lived on the road for around two years said residents overlooking the spot had been left disgusted by the behaviour of the ‘dirty drivers’.
      Laura Robertson 

She said: “At first we were obviously shocked and thought ‘that’s horrible’ but then as the weeks have gone on its become more and more regular to the point where recently it was happening nearly every day.

“We’ve reached the point where enough is enough because it’s horrible to have to see that out of your window and then obviously find the evidence there as well.

“There are a few of them doing it so they seem to have told eachother it’s a good place to go - we’ve reported it to the police and the council several times.

“It’s just disgusting - the thing is there’s a supermarket with a toilet just up the road but for some reason they seem to want to do it here.”

A Manchester council spokesman confirmed its investigation into the pictured driver is ongoing.

Alpha Cars failed to respond to several requests to comment.

Source: Manchester Evening News


Resident of Stonehouse Street off Clapham High street, had a similar ordeal three years ago, when local minicabs used the side street to park while they illegally touted for work at the nearby Inferno club. 

Residents complained to the police that the drivers were urinating in the street plus some of the drivers were crouching in doorways and defecating. 

Although the police acted swiftly and still make periodic appearances, we've been informed by residence that the problem still exists in the area.


Anonymous said...

Big problem in London where councils have closed down public toilets.
Hotels do not like drivers using their loos and so there are little if no facilities for night drivers.

Taxi drivers get bad press in certain part of Westminster for urinating in the street, but it's not just Taxi drivers, minicab drivers are more likely to be seen doing this as they outnumber taxis by 3-1.

Anonymous said...

When you got to go you got to go sorry but that's the way it is in london at nigth

Buster Gonad said...

Yes I recall the recently departed John Paul Pace (aka The Pope) highlighting this issue.

Quite how we are supposed to 'function' normally is a real issue.

Hounded at every turn by all and sundry!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:31

Only Dogs and minicab drivers defecate in the street.
Civilised people make other arrangements

Kings Cars said...

this also might looks a big problem in london that lots of Cabs drivers gets there bad press in different areas its just because the Manchester Council’s Licensing Sub Committee has closed all down public toilets.
So Comittee council should have to arrange proper alternates regarding toilets.

taxitel said...

Only choice for cab drivers at night is an empty bottle, the street or the nightmare of finding somewhere to urinate in a humane way. Unfortunately the last choice is riddled with problems so most drivers choose the easier options. It's ok to judge but just try finding somewhere at 11 or 12 at night!! Enough said day men...

harmanpreet said...

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