Sunday, March 30, 2014

Not Happy With The Way TfL Are Running Taxis And Private Hire

Not happy with the ease that operators receive satellite office licences, even after impropriety has been proven?

Unhappy with senior TfL managers getting involved with the placement of new Taxi ranks?

Disgusted at with the way TfL treat your trade with bias. A trade with over 370 years of history and tradition? 

Unhappy with the new system of licence renewals where drivers are placed in a position which sees them out of work for weeks and sometimes months on end?

Unhappy that a smartphone app has been given a PH operators licence, even though it is under investigation for illegal practises, while licensed Taxi drivers are refused temporary licences while waiting for renewals?

Not happy about the wholesale subcontracting out of licensing responsibility from TfL to private companies?

Are you extremely worried about TfL's attitude, regarding enforcement of PH's compliance to licensing terms and conditions?.....

We had a great set of questions as a comment on the previous post, regarding the sub-contracting out of work previously undertaken by LTPH staff.  I will just reiterate:

Questions That Demand Answers 

*  Do LTPH have an audit and compliance manager. 

*  How are records kept and stored, securely ? 

*  Are they being monitered correctly. 

*  Are the existing and new telephone staff trained in data protection requirements and protocols ? 

*  Who in TFL checks what they are doing ? 

Would you like a parliamentary review of the way TfL is run?

Here are the email addresses of the Transport Select Committee. Why not email them and ask for their help. 

Transport Select Committee:
 Louise Ellman (Chair)
Sarah Champion
Jim Dobbin
Jim Fitzpatrick
Karen Lumley
Jason McCartney
Karl McCartney
Adrian Sanders
Chloe Smith
Graham Stringer 
Martin Vickers

These members of the Transport Select Committee,  are elected to serve their constituents as well as anyone who their government posts effect. 

They are public servants and its their job to see that others within the transport industry (or the running of it) are doing their jobs correctly .

With thanks to Les Hoath.


Anonymous said...

I think Tfl has an information Governance Dept. It would be worth and FOI to see what is in place in LTPH around this DPA.
I would image they get requests from the police for taxi& private hire vehicles in the same as they request info on Oyster cards which is widely published as it clears up crime. Surely ??

Anonymous said...

What Parliament has to assess is are the right people delivering. The TfL transparency web site link shows the salaries paid a director gets 150k a deputy circa 120k in addition free travel for family.
That is double what an MP gets. Six times what a nurse gets. Yet so much is in a shambles as for TOLA ... It begs belief people got paid for that. I think the phrase "All mouth and No trousers" is one Garrett and Leon should be looking up in their dictionary

Troy said...

There is over 100 licensing authorities in England and Wales, some of whom have a good track record in enforcement and efficiency.

Yet TfL have recruited senior managers from completely unrelated fields such as debt collecting.and TfL insiders who's only mission in life is to keep on the right side of Commissar Hendy and his overpaid crew.

We need is someone with a track record of success in licensing of the trade.

Anonymous said...

Yes Troy indeed and here is the link to the salaries plus free travel

Anonymous said...

Any chance if a standard type letter fir drivers to use as a guild.
Most can't even spell their own name, let alone sting a sentence together.