Thursday, March 27, 2014

More Delays From Law Commission As Deregulation Bill Is Pushed Though by Stealth.

The Commission today stated that it would be postponing the release of its draft bill, AGAIN.

This time because of the sensitive timing of European and Local elections.

They intend to publish the report the day after the elections, 23 May.

I would respectfully suggest the draft bill may contain some nasty surprises, which, if released earlier may cause an electoral backlash.

Meanwhile, today in The House 

london taxis : 2 Public Bill committees

Public Bill Committee: Deregulation Bill: New Clause 9 - Private hire vehicles: circumstances in which driver's licence required (25 Mar 2014)



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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

[i]We will publish our report and draft Bill on 23 May 2014. We had intended to publish at the end of April but are postponing publication until after sensitive period leading up to the local and European elections on 22 May.[/i]

Is it legal to withhold this type of information?

Would knowing the content of this document prior to the elections have changed the way you and the nation voted?

Is the government withholding this information to gain a result they want?

The man to ask is The Rt Hon Chris Grayling the Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor as it is department.

e-mail him at

Anonymous said...

A nice piece of verbosity from Mason - he obviously feels the need to promote his self worth. His dignity has obviously taken a pounding after being unceremoniously despatched by TfL. If he couldn't cut the mustard as a local government employee he's go no chance in private industry. Hence the need for his big play with words that he can't spell. Embarrassing !

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