Saturday, March 29, 2014

LTPH Press Release 3/14: Update On Licence Renewals.

Licensing Service Update 

We would like to apologise for the delays people have recently been experiencing when using the TfL taxi and private hire licensing service and are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. 

This notice provides an update on the steps we have taken to address these delays. 


The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) changes introduced by the Home Office last summer led to a large increase in the number and type of phone calls we received from September 2013 and affected the processing time of other ‘non-urgent’ applications. While we introduced a number of measures to help minimise the impact that these changes would have, including issuing licence renewal packs four months before expiry, it has still had a significant impact on our licensing service. 

We also introduced our new licensing IT system in late September 2013. This had been planned for several years to replace the paper-based processes and systems that had been in place and which were no longer fit for purpose. We anticipated a short term fall in service levels while we fixed any issues with the new system and staff became familiar with it. However, the impact of the new system, combined with the DBS changes, have had a much more serious effect than we anticipated. 

Additional Measures 

A number of measures have now been put in place to help address the situation and return the service to acceptable levels, including:

The recruitment of additional staff who are helping to deal with the backlog of applications 

Additional temporary staff have also been hired to help answer phone calls, to reduce call waiting times. Training is currently underway and we hope you will see an improvement in our call answering times within the next few weeks. 

We are working closely with NSL, the provider of the new IT system, to address any problems with the system, including any issues with receiving and scanning applications. 

We have changed the way we process licences to prioritise those that are due to expire in the near future. This will help to ensure drivers will have their new licence before their old licence expires. 

Improvements to your service will start to happen over the next few weeks. We are grateful for your continued patience. 

Once the backlog of applications has been addressed and the service is back working within acceptable levels, we will introduce the previously promised on-line application process. This will give you the ability to apply and renew for your licence on line, and to track the progress of your application. 


Once again please accept my sincere apologies for any difficulties you may have experienced in contacting us or making licence applications in the last few months. Please rest assured we are doing everything we can to address the problems you have been experiencing, and once the new system is working to its full potential I am confident you will experience a much improved level of service, including the ability to apply on-line. 

Helen Chapman 
28 March 2014 Interim General Manager 
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Percy Thrower said...

I must spread this notice on my garden, does wonders for the Roses!

Anonymous said...

The question is to Mr Hendy does LTPH have a audit and compliance manager. How are records kept and stored,securely ? Are they being monitered correctly. Are the existing and new telephone staff trained in data protection requirements and protocols ?

Who in TFL checks what they are doing ?

Veritas said...

This notice decoded:

We got it wrong
We realised it too late
We threw some of the savings made on temporary staff
It's made no difference
We hope it might come right!

Meanwhile you can go skint!

Anonymous said...

An apology it would seem.

What about drivers who have been out of work for upto two months Helen ?

Sorry just doesn't seem enough!

Anonymous said...

Well, if the posts about how incompetent Tfl are at tracing drivers working illegally are true, I'm taking my chances and continuing to work till my new licence comes through, safe in the knowledge that this is the only law I've broken, and that would be due to severe mitigating circumstances since my family will be subjected to suffer severe hardship and loss and will be cast onto the street if I fail to pay my mortgage or feed them.

This would be due to Tfl's failure to make practical safeguards available to drivers awaiting delayed licensing.

A situation felt with and covered by ALL OTHER LICENCING AUTHORITIES, and that Was covered in London until the procedures were inexplicably and unfairly changed!!

Another example of the Majority being criminalised by the minority!!