Friday, March 28, 2014

Is It What I Want, What I Really Really Want?

Reports are coming in of drivers being asked to do only the work that's offered to them through their mobile app, as opposed to serving street hails. 

Are we not repeating past mistakes? 
Prioritising radio work for corporates, allowed PH and non PH touting to be turned a blind eye to by the authorities, as all they wanted was the streets emptied after closing time. A practise that alienated the very customer base we did the KOL for.

Of course we are all running a 'micro business' and if you decide to offer free waiting time and give someone else a significant slice of your takings that's entirely your affair. But maybe you should think about your place in the race to the bottom, because as someone once said: 
"There is nothing in this world, someone else cannot do a little less well or a little cheaper".

The meter and the ability to ply for hire are there to protect both the public and your livelihood. Once the trade starts muddying the waters, it give succour to our opposition who campaign daily to chisel away at these rights for the sweatshop they run. 
The law commission and the deregulation fanatics are also on the case.

We don't want to try and defend a position we have effectively undermined, by not offering to service the very people who rely on it.

Still it's only my opinion and we must not let long term interest ever overrule short term gain, after all it is the cab trade! (Irony)

I'm Spartacus.


Mr Magoo said...

Had I dedicated my time solely to the street last night I would have gone home empty handed. Hailo are putting work in the back of my cab that would normally be covered by PH... it's hardly like there steet jobs are in abundance. I see no shortage of empty cabs plying for hire !

Col Blimp. said...

Ah Mr Magoo good choice of name
Should have gone to spec savers mate.
You are one of the few that the article was aimed at. Stop thinking if only what you take today, think about what this type of operation will mean in the future.
Look at the past and see the damage done by radio circuits with ranks that serviced accounts whils people walking pass were broomed off . They eventually started to phone up minicabs as they stood in the streets if the city watching hundreds of empty taxis with their lights off whizz by.
The Law Com is trying to remove your sole right to ply for hire and your behaviour is helping their case.

You my friend are a front runner in the race to the bottom with your own short sightedness

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't entertain Hailo, especially as their PR person said they are targeting street hails
Thought they were targeting AL but in reality they are taking away passengers who already take Black Cab rides.

IMO, if they don't earn their investment back quick enough out of the trade, Hailo will eventually move to a partnership with PH as Get-Taxi have in New York.

You can't trust venture capitalists as they are not interested in our tradition or survival, just return on their investment.

Was a great idea at the start and it all worked very well.
Then the managers got involved and everything became about the money.

Drivers will see through this, they are not all stupid, shortsighted, money grabbers. They will see that they are paying some third party suit for work they can find anyway. ALS figures are up not down, so where is the work they were supposed to be taking back from them?

This latest issue with their beta app will be their downfall.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed a dramatic drop in the number of drivers cheating by u-turning at Paddington.
Also don't seemed to see as much bad etiquette at ranks with drivers picking up beside me.

So at least we know which bunch of greedy, selfish chancres this Beta venture has attracted.

Let them work and become mini scab clones, it suits them

Ex Hailo now deleted. said...

Think the way the have acted with some drivers being slung off after criticising on Twitter is atrocious.
Now they're emulating what Dail ACab done, expelling drivers from working on the app for lack of usage
That's like taking a drivers badge away cause he won't work the air port

Anonymous said...

The usual nastiness from the Ltdf regulars. Anyone that makes a comment with a differing opinion is met by nastiness. Go down to Great Suffolk St and tell Russ that he's a money grabbing venture capitalist - you won't because you're all mouth!

So now the Law Commission is all the fault of app users and radio circuits - nothing to do with big businesses like the Carlyle Group and Uber being accommodated by this government. You're cheap argument doesn't hold water - you obviously haven't been reading the articles on this blog. I'll tell you what sunshine... I'd sooner be blind than ignorant

I believe you and the others that are knocking Hailo are green with envy that three ordinary cab drivers are about to become very rich !

Anonymous said...

Answered your own question there mate,
This ain't about taking the work back of the touts, or the survival of our trade, it's all about making people rich!
It's about making people very rich, off the backs of hard working taxi drivers by people who no longer drive or never have driven a cab.

Demos said...

I don't think the article was attacking anyone, it was about getting drivers to realise that they need to service the street customer first.

If they sign up to something else that gives them more work then good luck BUT think about it if someone is asking you to ONLY do the work they send you.

I don't mind if someone profits from their ideas but what they can't pretend is they speak for anyone but themselves on cab matters as they don't have a mandate.

Anonymous said...

taxi drivers doing ph work plays into the hands of those who would destroy the trade, dont you see this, we have the power to be hailed this is what makes us a taxi. addlee uber and the rest will take over big business resulting in a crap taxi/ph service for london and the uk like you get in most other places low payed drivers instead of well paid individuals NOTHINGwe do will change this now ,you are fighting massive companies such as carslye group who have seen the money to be made .i had a chat with a green badge who works for addlee in the driver liason office the other day talking about the fact that they are really busy but the drivers earning less because where as the drivers once got about 55%of there work as cash this is down to 10/20% all now going on credit card .a double wammy for drivers ie paper trail for tax and addlee take up to 40% of the total price same thing will happen with hailo and the like mark my words

Anonymous said...

as a yellow badge i love hailo , i can work camden and hampstead and swiss cottage . it takes the pressure of golders green rank

Anonymous said...

Great you call a london taxi from hampstead thinking he has done the KOL and a driver with no knowledge of london turns up with sat nav , could be expensive on the meter , with sat nav route oochh.....

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