Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Forum To Discuss Plans To Make Baker Street And Gloucester Place Two Way, Still On The Cards.

Some time ago, Taxi Leaks posted an article about a proposal to make Baker Street and Gloucester Place two way, with a restriction in the middle of Baker Street for buses and cycles only.

    Cycles and Buses only between Geirge and Blandford

Most brushed aside as a hairbrain idea thinking it would soon be forgotten. Well believe it or not, it's still on the cards and there is to be a forum held at Westminster University for local residents to put their views forward about the scheme, which could see side streets bought to a complete stand still, as through traffic has nowhere to go.

This from the Marylebone Association Website:

An important traffic proposal is to be discussed at the next Marylebone Area Forum on March 6. The plan is to restore Baker Street and Gloucester Place to two-way traffic; rationalise the bus routes involved; introduce cycling measures and improve the public realm. The scheme is still at the design stage and the Forum will offer residents the opportunity to put forward suggestions before the final plans go out for consultation. The Forum takes place at 6.30pm on March 6 at Westminster University, 35 Marylebone Road, London, NW1. Click Here for Map

This Forum will also have a workshop on Westminster's smartphone parking app which helps motorists find vacant parking bays in parts of our area. Resident-only bays are not yet included, but shared use and disabled bays are.

Paul Neville, paul.neville@marylebone.org

    They obviously haven't learnt anything from the 
    supposed 'improvements' over at Euston Circus

Photos and info from Glen Alutto. 

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