Sunday, March 16, 2014

Expectations of consultations!

So boys and girls TfL are letting you have your two penny's worth about the suburban licensing, sectors, islands, extensions etc. etc.

There are some ideas worth exploring, bad ideas and some that are let's be kind and say somewhat optimistic.

You will be reading banner headlines & posters that along with the questions asked by TfL are worth a little bit of scrutiny:

TfL have already ruled out Plying for hire at LAP by Suburban Drivers. YOU DONT HAVE to JUST SAY NO, TfL have already done so.

The same applies to many things that some are scaremongering about. TfL have ruled them out already.

Most other issues are in the melting pot so read it carefully and respond, you can have a thousand goes!!!! 

What people should be JUST SAYING NO TO is that Private Hire have been asked to respond, quite what anything to do with Plying for hire etc. has to do with them is a mystery.

But now let's look at the real history of consultations in this cradle of democracy:

1. They had a consultation about the western extension of the congestion charge, a large majority said no, yet it went ahead and Boris stated he removed it reluctantly as he had campaigned on that.

2. They consulted on the closure of Fire Stations, 97% said we want them all open and happy to pay the £5.00 odd a year, no surprise then that they closed. 
They ignored thousands from all sectors of society, ignoring us is no big deal, we won't know much about it as most are already in the bag.

3. The flaw in the software enabling people to make multiple responses renders the exercise statistically worthless as any actions taken by TfL as a result of the consultation would fall if legally challenged.

4. Some in the cab trade were consulted over the Olympics and look what that got us (clue: Two Words second word all), maybe we should JUST SAY NO to those people supposedly representing us without our express consent.

4. The Law Commission has already come out against differing licences within a licensing area so the Yellow Badge may be on borrowed time anyhow and if Plying for hire is not defined then the Green badge will be worthless.

The Mayor & Hendy will do whatever they want and the welfare of the cab trade of any badge colour is not a consideration.

That's what we really should be JUST SAYING NO TO!.

For what its worth this is my view:

No more licences to be issued for suburban sectors unless there is a proven lack of demand.

No more central 'island' ranks and extensions, give notice on the existing ones so that drivers who frequent them as suburban drivers can sign on the all London KOL.

Significant investment, appointment and promotion of suburban and central ranks. 

Most important of all a rank outside every satellite PH office and strict enforcement of illegal plying for hire. Even better just abolish the satellite office, it's a public safety nightmare.

Lots of issues interlinked.
We need a proper GLA enquiry, not a cynical meaningless consultation into all these matters and the good news is:


That's one headline you can JUST SAY YES TO!!!!

I'm Spartacus

Editorial Comment
Significant investment appointment and promotion of suburban and central ranks: 
They will argue they haven't got the budget but if it works for Boris Bikes, why can't it work for ranks



Billy F said...

Now this is more like it!

Common sense and a trues statement of reality.

Anonymous said...

Love the sponsored,, tarmac.
We should have a special one just for LTDA members, sponsored by Durrex

Anonymous said...

Sponsored a Taxi Ranks?

Not sure about that

Could next step be only Taxus either Lloyds livery to use new rank?

Andy said...

Well said, Spartacus.

Anonymous said...

It wasnt TFL who said no to yellows working L A H it was B A A .(Fact)