Thursday, March 13, 2014

Einstein's Definition of Madness.

The growth of PH and the subsequent long downhill run on our living standards has been caused in part by our apathy to come together and defend them.

Another reason was that in busy times Radio Circuit drivers prioritised that work to the detriment of the street hail, incentivised by circuits to do so, it's no wonder someone else filled the gap.

Now those very banks and law firms are using the PH firms we effected allowed to grow big and we are living off scraps!

We now have a Taxi App. asking its drivers to do the same, if I got 10% on every ride I would do too of course, but the working cab driver has always to be mindful of the consequences of ignoring the very customer we do the KOL for the street hail and rank.

So back to Einstein, he said Insanity is defined as 'keep repeating the same experiment (or action) yet somehow expect a different result'.

Still according to the government the recovery (aka debt fuelled boom pre election) is underway, the only recovery I have noticed in the cab trade is broken cabs being towed to garages!

Be Lucky!

I'm Spartacus

Teller of inconvenient truths.


Anonymous said...

Einstein also stated that "Imagination is more important than Knowledge" so we shouldn't put too much stock in what he said!!

Anonymous said...

Just his way of saying no one likes a cleaver dick!

You can train a monkey to do anything.

One should not confuse knowledge with intelligence

Anonymous said...

What about our own drivers at Waterloo station every night 11 onwards cherry picking rides outside costa coffee while us mugs wait for the crumbs on the proper rank,even sipping coffee and chat with a regular mini scab,TFL LTDA,don't want to know.......bloody farce!!

Stage Door Johnny said...

Anon 2.50

Go and take some photos and send them in, also contact the transport police.

Stage Door Johnny said...
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Andy said...

So, Spartacus, what do you suggest we do, have a demo? bang up the place?I tell you what, the job we once had as a London taxi driver is gone, replaced by cheap immigrant labour,controlled by big business, modern day slavery. Any one doing the knowledge needs their brains examined, and not by a knowledge examiner.

Anonymous said...

If we always do what we alwys did we will always get what we always got.

Anonymous said...

taxi drivers becoming ph drivers ie hailo and the rest is playing into the hands of those who want the trade gone dont you people see this